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Lead Up To The DNegs Vs Hellmuth HU Feud, 2021 WSOP News - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #96

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This Week On DAT Poker Pod: Daniel, Adam and Terrence are back with: 0:10 Intros - Exclusive Clubs & Getting Blocked 4:00 Fedor vs Limitless HU Face-Off 8:15 Vaccines and the 2021 WSOP 25:30 Hellmuth vs DNegs Trash Talk & Side Bets 40:45 High Stales Poker - Hellmuth vs Polk 50:40 Dutch Boyd loses lawsuit vs friend - tales of loaning friends money 55:00 Tweets 1:10:00 VM Questions - Taxes from winnings on poker apps, debut of Poker Court   Voicemail: 1.775.434.2932 Interact with us @  Intro/Outro Music By:   If you're reading this... please rate & review the show on your podcast app!
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Air Date (1 year, 5 months ago)