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More Hellmuth Antics vs Mega Rich Streamers! Online Cheaters Barred From EPT? - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #123

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This Week On DAT Poker Pod: Daniel, Adam and Terrence are back with:    0:05 Intros - WSOP Hype 7:10 Hustler Livestream/Hellmuth Discussion Begins 15:00 Novices Pick Up On Phil's Gameplan Immediately 21:40 Angle Shooting Hand Breakdown 38:00 PH's Personal Attacks On Players, Daniel's Solution 44:30 The "Hellmuth Is Great vs Amateurs" Narrative 48:40 Alleged Online Cheaters Schindler & Imsirovic Barred From EPT Monte Carlo? 1:00:30 Tweets Of The Week   Follow @DatPokerPod on Instagram datpokerpod (at) gmail (dot) com Voicemail: 1.775.434.2932 Interact with us @ https://twitter.com/@ASchwartzPoker https://twitter.com/@tchanpoker https://twitter.com/@RealKidPoker https://twitter.com/@ProducerRoss Intro/Outro Music By: https://twitter.com/murphchops    
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