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226 - Unkilled Mike and Unquarantined Steve

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Did Steve run the marathon? Will WSOP '20 be cancelled? Has Mike finally made a profit? This week's episode will answer all of your questions. The dynamic duo are meeting up, remotely, to give their well-informed-but-not-expert-level opinion on today's world and poker affairs. We have returning guest, Alex Fitzgerald.  Alex gives away for FREE his 3 Hour Training Pack on 3 betting.  He has also put out a class Master Small Stakes Cash Games in One Class, and his tournament version, Master Tournament Poker in One Class.  Use the code hupoker to get your discount, good until 2/21/2020. Elliot Roe!  Start with the free Tilt-Buster MP3, or look at his collection of Mental Game MP3s.  If you need to be putting in more volume, then The Simple Volume System is for you.  Total Mindset Makeover? Join the Poker Mind Coach Courses. If you are a tournament poker player, you may already know about Tournament Poker Edge.  Check out some free training videos here. Check out all things poker at  Sign up for a coaching session with Steve, watch instructional videos, and check out all previous podcasts.  You can contact Steve via Twitter, Facebook, or email at
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Air Date (2 years, 4 months ago)