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Vanessa Kade on Staying Positive and Winning Millions | Ep: 22

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It’s an exciting time to be Vanessa Kade. Fresh off by far her biggest win after taking down $1.5 million dollars at the Sunday Million, Vanessa sits down with Kara to discuss how she got to this point in her poker career. It’s been quite a journey - from moving to New Zealand alone at 16, to travelling around South East Asia and even a near death experience on an icey Canadian highway. As always on Heart of Poker, Kara uses her special set of psychological questions to get deep with her guest, and Vanessa is happy to get into some big subjects. Vanessa and Kara discuss how to deal with setbacks and stay positive, and how we can create new family connections in life. She talks us through her previous life as a video game producer, and why the flexibility of being a poker player feels like a better fit for her. And of course, they cover Vanessa’s recent online win at the Sunday Million. Vanessa is such a naturally interesting and inquisitive person, and it really shines through in this episode. Check out how previous guests have faired with Kara’s questions, including episodes with Ali Nejad, Phil Galfond, Mori Eskandani, Jason Koon, Dominik Nitsche, Vanessa Selbst, Maria Ho, and more
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Air Date (1 year ago)