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Tiffany Michelle On Maintaining Gratitude Through Life’s Challenges | Ep: 35

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On this episode of The Heart of Poker, Kara goes deep with poker player, social media maven and tv personality Tiffany Michelle.  Michelle, who many would recognize on and off the felt, first made a splash in the poker world at the 2008 World Series of Poker, when she finished 17th out of 6844 players, making her the last woman standing.  In fact, it was that huge accomplishment that Michelle credits for opening the doors to many of the opportunities she’s had in her life since. It wasn’t all positivity though, as that attention came with its share of negativity and even a made-for-tv rivalry with Kara (who was in contention for last woman standing that same year).  Poker accomplishments aside, Michelle credits a lot of her success to a supportive upbringing and the strong foundation it created for her to move forward confidently in life.  Gratitude is a common theme, as the traumatic moments she(and those close to her) have gone through have helped her put into perspective the seemingly trivial things we sometimes get hung up on. She opens up about her twin brother’s near-death experience and how that’s started a dialogue around mortality, something she is still trying to get comfortable with.  Other topics that Kara and Tiffany go on to discuss include her religious upbringing, learning to play poker with her grandfather and an appreciation for authenticity in her friendships.  Don’t forget to check out previous episodes with Lon McEachern, Nadya Magnus, John Van Fleet, Jason Koon, Ebony Kenney, Benny Glaser, Katie Lindsay and many more of poker’s most fascinating personalities. 
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