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Nick Wealthall on The Old Days of Poker, Live Television & His Fear of Hippos | Ep: 39

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With a wealth of experience in poker, British funnyman and commentator Nick Wealthall has an insight into the industry that rivals anyone. Currently one of the main voices of 888poker’s live and online events, Nick has had a long and storied past in the industry. In fact, it was nearly 20 years ago now that he and The Heart of Poker host Kara Scott were doing commentary on a tiny, middle of the night cable TV show in London.  The two are old friends and have since worked together on many of the game’s biggest platforms. They discuss the old days of poker, how things have changed in the industry and reminisce about their early days on the road together. They talk about some of their big moments; from being there when the other was struggling, boozy pre-show dinners, to Kara performing the ceremony at Nick's wedding. Kara and Nick also relate about the nerves that can come during live broadcasts and give some tips for turning that potential anxiety into something productive. They also share some great insights on dealing with some of life’s scariest things(for Nick, that would be hippos) and they deliberate over where a ‘drive to succeed’ comes from.  Don’t forget to check out previous episodes with recent Women in Poker Hall of Fame inductee Vanessa Selbst, Tony Dunst, Ali Nejad, Andrew Neeme, Faraz Jaka, David Willams and Jennifer Harman.
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Air Date (6 months, 1 week ago)