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David Tuchman on Fatherhood, Snake Bars & Love At First Sight | Ep: 40

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For this episode of the Heart of Poker podcast, Kara digs into the history of one of the most prolific and recognizable voices in poker commentary, David Tuchman. With extensive credits, going all the way back to the early 2000s for Live at the Bike, David Tuchman is easily recognizable as one of the OG player/broadcasters of the poker industry.  Kara and David start off discussing how they became friends, traveling the poker circuit and working on many of the same poker broadcasts over the years. They look back at those wild, early days and reminisce about the infamous EPT player's party at the ‘Titty Twister Bar’ in Dortmund, Germany - a volatile cocktail of debauchery and enormous snakes that few have forgotten. When Kara asks David about the phenomenon of ‘love at first sight’, the answer was one she was NOT expecting.  The two friends sift through the generational differences they have seen with their parents and their kids, and David opens up about some of his own biggest fears and how he has approached them in life.  In typical Heart of Poker fashion, David and Kara go on to discuss such odd and varied topics as David’s temper, their shared fear of dentists and which would be the best way to die.  Don't forget to check out previous episodes with great broadcasters and poker players like Lon McEachern, Jennifer Harman, Vicky Coren, Dominik Nitsche and Jason Koon.
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Air Date (5 months ago)