Poker Industry and Players Celebrate at The European Poker Awards

Poker Industry and Players Celebrate at The European Poker Awards

Similar to the celebration that took place in Beverly Hills earlier this month at the American Poker Awards, the Euros took their turn to recognize the players and industry insiders that have helped grow the game over the last year at the European Poker Awards.

Reads of the Week

All unlicensed online gaming operators are not alike. In fact, many people often misuse the term unlicensed to refer to operators that are not nationally licensed.

Online gaming in Canada, Class II gaming in California and unlicensed vs nationally licensed igaming operators.

Traffic Insight

A steady decline of 1.9% in cash game traffic took the market briefly below 43,000 occupied cash game seats during the week.

The January peaks in cash game traffic are slip sliding away.

Marketing Insight

YouTube is now said to be working on building its own game and live video streaming service to compete with Twitch.

A new study from Australia challenges the value of using sex to sell online poker.

US Insight

A bill introduced in the state of Idaho threatens the existence of the state’s horse racing industry.

Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Regulation Insight

RAWA hearings will be held today, but are less likely to analyze the issue than provide a platform for politicians to demonstrate their support for Sheldon Adelson’s political funding.

Austria and Italy get tough on gray market operators, but the UKGC implies that the issue is not legally clear cut.

A hearing scheduled to take place Thursday March 5 on H.R. 707, also known as the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA), has been postponed due to inclement…

RAWA Hearing Postponed Due to Weather

A congressional hearing on the proposed legislation to ban online gaming in the US takes a back seat to the threats of inclement weather in the nation’s capital.