Poker Training Videos This Week: Floating, Squeeze Plays and Multiway Flops

Improve your poker game with our top picks from the pokerfuse poker video directory.

The week's picks from the poker training video directory.
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Our weekly feature gives readers a look inside our Poker Training Video Directory. We showcase some of the week’s best training videos from some of the top video producers and training sites available on the web.

Keep in mind many of these are premium subscription sites, but lots of them offer free previews, free trials or other alternative methods of maintaining a premium membership.

Daryl Jace (SNG/MTT): $215 OPS Hand History Review with Daryl Jace (Part 1)

Daryl “aaaaaaaa” Jace returns with a deep dive hand history review from the Merge OPS series $215 event. It’s another advanced series from Daryl as he pauses the video and asks the viewers to think through problems and scenarios he poses. This is a seven part series

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sthief09 (NLHE): Database Review: Chris – Floats and Squeeze Plays

In this final part, Josh and Chris talk about floating, squeezing, playing against diferent player types. This video includes a wrap-up for the entire session.

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Aaron Been (SNG/MTT): Aaron’s Super Tuesday Hand Analysis

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Matthew Hunt (SNG/MTT): FTP $11 2-day MTT Hand History Review (Part 4)

In this series Matthew “theginger45” Hunt does a review of his top 3 finish in an $11 2-day FTP tournament. This is a seven-part series

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YugiohPro (Other): MTT: Big Tournament Action

This week Jae fires up some of the “big” events on the pokerstars network. He runs through the finish of the Pokerstrs Big 27.50 and some more higher stakes action!

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Alan Jackson (NLHE): Alan’s Multiway Flop Analysis

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