Frequently Asked Questions

What is pokerfuse?

Pokerfuse is an independent news organization dedicated to online poker. Read the about page for a slightly longer pitch, or keep reading more of this FAQ.

What does independent mean?

Pokerfuse does not engage in rake-based affiliate programs with online poker rooms or networks.

Why don’t you participate in rake-based affiliate programs offered by poker sites?

The inherent nature of rake-based affiliate programs creates a fiduciary relationship that increases the probability of influencing the coverage of events happening in the online poker industry.

History has shown that it is difficult for the poker media organizations engaged in these types of agreements with online poker rooms to maintain their independence. By referring a new customer to a poker room, the media outlet earns a percentage of all rake generated by that player for the lifetime of the account. Long-standing affiliate contracts can be exceedingly profitable, providing regular monthly income. So, there is a high risk in publishing unfavorable news about sites or networks; a loss of an affiliate account means losing all future earnings for referred players.

A regular media establishment always risks income from potential future advertising; but a poker affiliate risks guaranteed future income from its players’ accounts. This tips the balance and makes it very hard to maintain an independent eye on the poker world.

For that reason, pokerfuse does not engage in rake-based affiliate programs with online poker rooms or networks.

Do you consider pokerfuse to be unbiased?


Firstly, such a goal is unrealistic. The act of article selection itself introduces an inherent bias.

In fact, our mission statement makes no pretense of this: one of our stated goals is to promote internet poker in a positive light as a legal, regulated profession and recreation. We are first and foremost professional poker players; we see poker as an enjoyable pastime and profession for responsible adults.

We do, however, take pains to clearly separate and indicate opinion, comment and analysis from news reporting. For articles in the “news” category, we strive to present stories with balance and leave opinion out. Articles filed under “featured” may represent the opinion or analysis of the author.

Is pokerfuse non-profit?

No. On the contrary, we intend to demonstrate we can create a profitable business without requiring rake-based poker room affiliate commissions.

Can I advertise on pokerfuse?

Please first read above about our policies for advertising.

If you feel your product or service is a good fit for our readership and would complement the content, get in touch.

Why “fuse”?

Fusing together all aspects of online poker in to one dedicated magazine and community. Bringing together online poker players with industry news.

Also, it rhymes with news.

Pokerfuse? pokerfuse? PokerFuse?

It’s lowercase, but capitalize it as you normally would at the beginning of a sentence or in a title. Please not PokerFuse – it’s just ugly.

How can I contact you?

Please check out the contact us page for full info.

Can I get a big version of your logos?

Sure thing. Download our press pack for high-def rasters, vectors, all that fun. Use to your heart’s content.

Who writes for pokerfuse?

A small team of dedicated writers. Check the team page for all the info.

Can I write for pokerfuse?

We are always looking for talented freelance writers. Have a feature you think would be a good fit for pokerfuse? Just an idea? Want to be a guest writer and promote your site, blog or service? Drop us an email.

Can I put your news on my site? What are the rules for syndication?


You are more than welcome to put the contents of our RSS feed on your website. The RSS feed includes up-to-date news and features, including headline, subheading, image, and the first two paragraphs of the story along with a link through to the main article on If you wish to use this on your site, we ask you to just drop us a note to let us know, and that you don’t alter the content of the news other than basic styling.

If you are interested in fully syndicating our news, either branded or unbranded, please contact us and we can discuss possibilities.