Poker Industry PRO

PRO Data subscribers have access to the Directory, an invaluable resource for researching online poker networks, companies and jurisdictions. The Directory is constantly expanded and updated.

Accessing the Poker Industry PRO Directory

Clicking on the Data icon on the top of screen menu bar leads to the Directory page. Three menu options in red offer options to view Directory data by Jurisdiction, Network or Company. Here we look at the data available by jurisdiction.

Jurisdictions are organized into groups: Regulated Markets with Segregated Player Pools; Regulated Markets with Open Player Pools; and Offshore Jurisdictions. Below these groups are headings for Unregulated or Unclassified Jurisdictions and US States.

On the Jurisdictions page to the right of the tables there is a feed of news stories grouped by geographical region.

Jurisdiction Data

To view the Directory details for a jurisdiction, click on the text highlighted in red.

A major jurisdiction such as France contains a large amount of news and data.

The overview page shows a list of the poker rooms licensed to operate in that jurisdiction together with the network to which they belong.

The Timeline tab shows a view of the cash game traffic recorded for that market—if it is a segregated market. The timeline graph is annotated with links to relevant news published by pokerfuse or listed as Newsbeats.

The timeline date range can be changed using the pre-set options above the graph and to the left, or by entering specific dates in the boxes above and to the right.

The Network Comparison tab provides three graphing options—Stacked, Regular or Stacked Percentage—for viewing the total cash game traffic in that jurisdiction segmented by network/operator.

Hovering the mouse over any point of the graph brings up the specific data for that date.

The Updates tab lists the latest stories and Newsbeats tagged to that jurisdiction which have been published on Poker Industry PRO.

A more extensive list of search results for a deeper and longer term view of the jurisdiction can be found using the PRO Explorer feature.