Weekly High Stakes Online Cash Report: Ziigmund Cashes In at the PLO Tables Weekly High Stakes Online Cash Report: Ziigmund Cashes In at the PLO Tables
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Until recently, Deuce to Seven Triple Draw and 8-Game poker have been commanding the most attention in the nosebleed online high stakes cash games. This week however, No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha returned to stardom the most popular tournament poker styles were responsible for the lion’s share of this week’s online cash game action.

This Week’s Top 10 Online Poker Winners

The high stakes online poker tables were a little livelier this week with 4 players grinding their way past the 6 figure mark, according to highstakesdb.com.

Denoking managed to pull in the most impressive of those wins with $299,390 banked in a week. The anonymous online poker pro kept his action on the No Limit Hold’em tables for the entire week. 8 sessions and 1,711 hands were enough to secure the top spot just ahead of Finnish pro Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies.

On Monday “denoking” raised $27,090 in just 3 sessions to begin what would turn out to be a great week of NLH. Another 3 sessions playing $200/$400 stakes on Tuesday in a heads up match versus the unknown German player SanIker brought home another $259,988.

The second highest NLH winner was ajve_xx ranking third for the week overall—just behind Sahamies. Without venturing away from the PLO games, Sahamies played 46 sessions and 5,059 hands to produce a $220,393 win, solidify the 31-year-old Finn as the highest PLO earner over the entire week.

Regular online cash game player Punting Peddler turned in a profitable week after winning $60,881, while Blom was almost caught short, but managed to win $159,694 on the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw tables. But his bankroll was marred via $91,966 worth of losses playing PLO, and $16,922 worth of losses over on the 8-Game tables.

1st Denoking $299,390 Full Tilt
2nd Ziigmund $220,393 Full Tilt
3rd ajve_xx $116,313 Full Tilt
4th cottonseed1 $86,081 Full Tilt
5th n0d1ceb4by $79,990 PokerStars
6th POKERBLUFFS $74,420 Full Tilt
7th punting-peddler $72,268 Full Tilt
8th glos $57,826 Full Tilt
9th Isildur1 $52,163 Full Tilt
10th Sauce1234 $51,763 Full Tilt

This Week’s Top 10 Online Poker Losers

SanIker has continued a bad run this year after his massive loss versus denoking playing NLH. His total loss came in only 6 sessions and 1,508 hands played on Tuesday. The unknown German pro was not seen online again for the rest of the week.

Cole South was back in the action, but once again the action proved brutal. On Friday, he entered into 5 sessions and 866 hands of Deuce to Seven Triple Draw versus Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. During the battle, the two players rose from $200/$400 stakes to $300/$600 stakes, and then finally battled it out playing No Limit $500/$1000 which eventually left South—the well-known US player—with a $156,977 deficit.

Also on Friday,South was down on the PLO tables after grinding away 12 unsuccessful sessions losing $55,766 in 613 hands. Saturday was not better as he lost another $25,089 in 6 further sessions of PLO.

Over on PokerStars there was also a 6 figure losser after Ben “Ben86” Tollerene’s only day of poker left him as PLO’s biggest loser. He also earned himself third place in this week’s Top 10 Online Poker Losers’ column.

1st SanIker $287,507 Full Tilt
2nd Cole South $239,191 Full Tilt
3rd Ben86 $100,913 PokerStars
4th AceHasslehoff $74,016 Full Tilt
5th Follow The Hawk $69,760 Full Tilt
6th Carlooo13 $60,309 Full Tilt
7th Bttech86 $51,411 Full Tilt
8th FakeMonies $46,501 Full Tilt
9th FallAtYourFeet $44,375 Full Tilt
10th patrikskjold $41,737 PokerStars

As the WSOP continues, the leaders in the online poker high stakes cash games remain unchanged with Dan “Jungleman12” Cates still the leader of the pack with no one threatening his lead. At the bottom, only Blom and SanIker were left to move things around. Blom made a profit of $52,163 right at the last moment, while SanIker’s losing streak over the week left him as this year’s fourth biggest loser with $1,581,028 in losses so far this year.