Weekly High Stakes Online Cash Report: Big Battles on the PLO and Hold'em Tables Weekly High Stakes Online Cash Report: Big Battles on the PLO and Hold'em Tables
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Key Takeaways
  • Highlights of the week in high stakes online poker.

This week proved to be one of the quietest the high stakes online poker cash tables have seen this year.

The Omaha Hi/Lo tables, Blom’s usual hunting ground, were left dormant for the week; while the 8-Game and Deuce to Seven Triple Draw tables brought around only marginal action. Over the entire week the majority of the cash moving around came from some intense PLO battles and a notable heads-up match over on the Hold’em tables.

This Week’s Top 10 Online Poker Winners

According to highstakesdb.com, punting-peddle was the biggest PLO, 8-Game, and overall winner this week after finishing with one of the only two 6 figure profits.

punting-peddler, who has an account registered from China’s Macau, joined the action early in the week starting with PLO. The end result was a $112,004 Omaha victory after what was initially a slow start to the week.

From Tuesday until Thursday the pro only came up with $9,446 to show for 270 hands of play. Despite the small pickings to begin with, Friday proved to be worth the wait. Just 1 session of heads-up PLO versus Doorbread proved enough to provide a $102,559 pay-off.

Adding to a successful PLO win, Thursday also proved to be a good day after 2 sessions of 8-game versus Viktor “isildur1” Blom. It took 89 hands, and punting-peddler was the victor with a $30,371 haul.

The next day the pair were back to business as usual when Blom clearly tried to win back some of his previous day’s losses; however, the cards were running against the Swede, who eventually handed over a second victory. This time punting-peddler added another $15,338 in just 1 session that lasted 246 hands, taking the Macau based pro to a $45,709 end of week 8-Game victory.

Denoking was also in good shape by the end of the week as he became the second player to tip over the 6 figure mark. His big win was courtesy of a heads-up dual versus the mystery German pro SanIker.

The match started on Tuesday with Denoking drawing first blood totalling an $80,240 triumph. After a one-day break on Wednesday, the pair reemerged at the tables once again on Thursday in what was another heads-up battle that only added further insult to injury for SanIker when punting-peddler cut the German up for $51,534 on this occasion.

Denoking’s success earned meant he ended with a $131,774 profit for the entire week.

1st punting-peddler $157,713 Full Tilt
2nd Denoking $131,774 Full Tilt
3rd krzyeyeskila $94,572 PokerStars
4th Bttech86 $68,748 Full Tilt
5th Isildur1 $52,171 Full Tilt
6th Trueteller $46,253 PokerStars
7th Ilari FIN $30,833 PokerStars
8th NittySlick $19,658 Full Tilt
9th Toomten $19,654 Full Tilt
10th 21antoxa003 $16,043 PokerStars

This Week’s Top 10 Online Poker Losers

On the darker side of the online poker plays this week, it was the mid-week battle between SanIker and Denoking that resulted in the German player topping the highest losers chart—further adding to what has been a dismal year.

SanIker was also last week’s highest loser dropping $287,507; therefore over two weeks of play the pros losses come to $410,069.

Doorbread also joined SnanIker with a 6 figure loss, the second highest this week.

Further down the losers’ column is Follow The Hawk, appearing as one of the “Top 10 Online Poker Losers” for a second week in a row.

The story unfolded only yesterday when it was do-or-die for both Follow and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom as, the pair took to the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw tables playing $500/$1000 stakes.

After four hours play, it was the Swede that would emerge as the winner with a 6 figure heave. For the Swede it turned out to be a successful last gasp effort to finish the week with a profit. However, after what would have been a profitable week, Follow The Hawk lost $117,376 in that match, leaving the online regular with a $39,331 loss.

Over on the PokerStars tables flopper0 suffered the heftiest loss: 5 sessions and 385 hands of PLO resulted in a disappointing $80,304 downer.

Most of that cash went to krzyeyeskila, the biggest PLO winner on PokerStars with +$94,572—which is also the third highest win for the entire week in all styles played.

1st SanIker $122,562 Full Tilt
2nd Doorbread $108,191 Full Tilt
3rd flopper0 $80,304 PokerStars
4th ajve_xx $48,203 Full Tilt
5th capoch $46,023 PokerStars
6th Follow The Hawk $39,331 Full Tilt
7th Lottenice $38,479 PokerStars
8th alexo18 $31,924 Full Tilt
9th Ben86 $30,991 PokerStars
10th Cole South $26,928 Full Tilt

There has been no noticeable movement at the top of the yearly high stakes cash game rankings, but at the bottom SanIker has slowly been sliding further into the red. After $410,069 worth of losses over the last two weeks, the online German pro is now catching up with Ivey, who currently has the third highest loss in 2014 with a $1,815,817 deficit. Ivey has been at the WSOP and thus not playing online—In Ivey’s absence, SanIker has closed the gap with a $1,703,589 loss so far in 2014.