A few weeks ago online poker’s highest stakes players were struggling to achieve six-figure profits for the week. Conversely, all top 10 winners this week managed to grind in six figure profits and one player even landed up with a 7 figure loss.

In addition, added excitement came via the return of this year’s player holding the record for suffering the biggest loss so far, Gus Hansen. And, the return of Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates saw him, for the first time this year, lose his top spot as 2014’s biggest winner to Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau.


Action on the Triple Draw, Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and 8-Game tables was in full swing throughout the week.

According to the database, Trueteller topped the weekly charts with a win of $872,715 playing 31 sessions of Deuce to Seven Triple Draw.

The win was unexpected after a rocky start to the week. On Monday Trueteller was down $332,166 after 7 sessions, but 6 more sessions on Tuesday and a $435,253 win more than evened the score, and on Wednesday the results were positive again.

Consistent wins of $288,604, $252,771, $195,535 and $32,718 made sure that there would be no doubt that Trueteller was finishing as the biggest winner for the week.

Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau was also having a good week on the Triple Draw tables taking down a handsome $81,730 profit on Monday. Although this was a pleasing victory, it was not the highlight of the British pro’s week. Luneau reappeared on Sunday on the 8-Game tables and in just 9 sessions he came away with a $350,869.

Chun “samrostan” Lei Zhou was another player on form. Although not quite as good as the intrepid performances of Carlooo13 on the Omaha Hi/Lo tables, and a stellar performance from Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene playing Omaha PLO, Lei Zhou’s latest grind was difficult to ignore.

Playing both on PokerStars as SamRostan and Full Tilt Poker as samrostan, the Macau high stakes grinder managed to be profitable on both sites once again.

In Mid-July Lei Zhou registered a combined profit of $412,532 for the week. This week, he repeated himself with another combination win—this time with an improved $535,596 score.

Finally, the return of Gus Hansen, who incidentally started the week with a yearly loss of $3,545,491. Hansen managed to make $123,222 to bring that total down to $3,422,269 which is still the this year’s highest loss at the nosebleed online poker tables. Hansen found joy on the 8-Game tables in 14 sessions helping him wipe off 6 figures from his current 2014 downswing.

1st Trueteller $872,715 Full Tilt
2nd Alexonmoon $432,599 Full Tilt
3rd Carlooo13 $398,604 Full Tilt
4th Bttech86 $394,870 Full Tilt
5th samrostan $294,798 Full Tilt
6th SamRostan $240,895 PokerStars
7th ChaoRen160 $178,860 PokerStars
8th Ravenswood13 $175,158 PokerStars
9th Gus Hansen $123,222 Full Tilt
10th AckmaJin $122,227 PokerStars


Viktor “Isildur1” Blom had only just managed to see light at the end of the tunnel as he continued through June and July with profitable months that brought the Swede close to tipping back over into the green. Nonetheless, the hyper-aggressive Swede is renowned for his volatility, and this week justified that school of thought after the 23-year-old pro lost $1,009,419.

Blom only managed to profit from the Triple Draw tables this week grinding $73,775 away from his opponents, but the buck stopped there. $295,496 in losses at 8-Game started his bad week. Over on the Omaha tables, Blom also floundered. He lost $463,724 in PLO last week and $795,536 through out the year.

On the other hand, Omaha Hi/Lo has been somewhat of a gem for Blom where he started the week with $1,735,374 earned in 2014. Unfortunately, this week he suffered a severe downswing playing stiff competition in Carlooo13 who left the volatile Swede down $323,974 after just 8 sessions.

Julius “KagomeKagome” Fleischer also suffered a heavy defeat, but his loss equated to less than half of Blom’s. The German suffered his highest losses on the Triple Draw tables this week. 15 sessions and 2,411 hands were responsible for his entire $465,714 forfeiture.

Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond was the second highest loser playing Triple Draw. He lost $251,716 in 17 sessions and added $131,147 to that discrepancy with a shady 7 sessions on the 8-Game tables.

Probably the most notable loss of the week was that of Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates as he lost his foothold on the top earners position for 2014 with a $97,403 loss on the No Limit Hold’em tables versus Denoking.

1st Isildur1 $1,009,419 Full Tilt
2nd kagome kagome $465,714 Full Tilt
3rd OMGClayAiken $382,863 Full Tilt
4th PostflopAction $295,868 Full Tilt
5th SanIker $227,442 Full Tilt
6th taktloss47 $202,246 Full Tilt
7th thecortster $150,739 Full Tilt
8th JesusLebtNOT $128,998 PokerStars
9th joiso $97,607 PokerStars
10th jungleman12 $97,403 Full Tilt

Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau Alexonmoon overtook Jungleman in the year-long standings this week. Cates’ loss allowed Luneau to capitalize with his $432,599 win. Currently, Luneau has a $1,666,720 profit while Cates now has $1,257,892 in profits for the year.

Blom was close to getting his head above water after finishing last week only $459,077 shy of a profit; however, this week’s drop has left him with online poker’s third highest loss of 2014 with a $1,468,496 shortfall just behind second place Phil “polarizing” Ivey, who has yet to return to the online cash games since the WSOP and has a $1,815,817 loss to catch up on.