Russian pro Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn was the biggest winner of the week. Hac “trex313” Dang lost the most with $451,189 given away on the 8-Game tables, $171,628 in losses at Draw and $622,818 overall.
The Hendon Mob

It was a fairly non eventful week for online poker’s nosebleed cash games that are so often recognized for huge profits and losses.

This week, leading up to the WSOP in Las Vegas, the cash game action appeared to be less fierce than usual with a limited number of big wins. Even so, despite some tamer than usual profits, most of the attention can be focused on the losers column this week where there were 6 losses in excess of $400,000.

This Week’s Top 10 Online Poker Winners

According to the biggest winner of the week was Russian pro Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn. It took 28 sessions of 8-Game Mix, which is one of 2014’s most played games in the high stakes poker scene, to ensure Kostritsyn would pick up $242,689 of his total $649,705 earned this week.

Further profits for Kostritsyn came via the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw tables where 5 sessions and 1,275 hands equated to a $407,016 win. The majority of Kostritsyn’s Triple Draw profits were taken from Gus Hansen playing heads-up sessions at $2,000/$4,000 stakes. Hansen gave the Russian almost $318,000 over the course of their encounter.

“punting-peddler” was next in line with a $426,047 profit. The high stakes cash game regular stuck it out for the entire week solely on the 8-Game tables finishing with the second highest 8-Game profit for the week.

However, the biggest 8-Game winner of the week was the 8-Game master Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau. His total 8-Game profit was $724,626, and so he should have been the top story of the week. Unfortunately, Luneau had also wandered over to the Triple Draw tables during the week where it proved to be an unprofitable venture as he lost $353,170 over the course of 13 session and 1,902 hands.

The biggest winner on the Triple Draw tables was Viktor “Isildur1” Blom with $433,488, and on the Omaha PLO Hi/LO tables Phil “Polarizing” Ivey profited with a $348,788 haul; nevertheless neither of these two big names appeared in this week’s Top 10 Online Poker Winners. In fact despite, Ivey’s Omaha Hi/Lo profits, he ended up etching his name on the Top 10 Online Poker Losers list.

1st PostflopAction $649,705 Full Tilt
2nd punting-peddler $426,047 Full Tilt
3rd FinddaGrind $387,806 Full Tilt
4th kagome kagome $375,593 Full Tilt
5th Alexonmoon $371,455 Full Tilt
6th Osama_no_Brunch $349,762 Full Tilt
7th Crazy Elior $276,132 Full Tilt
8th no_Ola $142,938 Full Tilt
9th timekpr $137,915 Full Tilt
10th Carlooo13 $108,451 Full Tilt

Week’s Top 10 Online Poker Losers

Phil “Polarizing” Ivey’s Omaha Hi/Lo profit was eclipsed by a $642,842 deficit playing 51 sessions and 8,417 hands of 8-Game Mix. It was a huge loss that left him down $417,098 loss for the week. In fact the losers list this week was one of the highest set of losses in the online high stakes cash games for a while.

Hac “trex313” Dang lost the most with $451,189 given away on the 8-Game tables, $171,628 in losses at Draw and $622,818 overall.

“thecortster” lost $493,747 playing 17 sessions of Triple Draw ending the week as the biggest loser in this style. In the meantime, Kyle “KPR16” Ray was down $324,164 unsuccessfully playing Omaha Hi/Lo and down another $167,746 from 22 sessions and 5,786 hands on the nosebleed NLH tables.

Chinese based player “samrostan” lost just over $400,000 playing on the Draw and 8-Game tables, while Gus Hansen turned what was a profitable $1 million start to the week into a $409,952 loss.

1st trex313 $622,818 Full Tilt
2nd thecortster $493,747 Full Tilt
3rd KPR16 $491,909 Full Tilt
4th Polarizing $417,098 Full Tilt
5th samrostan $410,600 Full Tilt
6th Gus Hansen $409,952 Full Tilt
7th SanIker $295,328 Full Tilt
8th taktloss47 $133,896 Full Tilt
9th tyme2gamb0l111 $114,355 Full Tilt
10th 5ajve_xx $97,456 Full Tilt

After this week’s action, there has been no change to the leader board for 2014 with Dan “jungleman12” Cates still in the lead with a $1,355,295 profit.

At the bottom of the pile are Gus Hansen ($3,425,597), “samrostan” ($2,424,408), Phil “Polarizing” Ivey ($1,923,671) and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom ($1,906,469). The only mover in the top four losses is Phil Ivey moving from a $1,506,574 yearly loss to a $1,923,671 yearly loss putting him now above Blom, who has dropped down to fourth.