The week's picks from the poker training video directory.
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Our weekly feature gives readers a look inside our Poker Training Video Directory. We showcase some of the week’s best training videos from some of the top video producers and training sites available on the web.

Keep in mind many of these are premium subscription sites, but lots of them offer free previews, free trials or other alternative methods of maintaining a premium membership.

Matthew Hunt (SNG/MTT): FTP $11 2-day MTT Hand History Review (Part 1)

In this series Matthew “theginger45” Hunt does a review of his top 3 finish in an $11 2-day FTP tournament. This is a seven-part series

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KasinoKrime (PLO): Core PLO Concepts: To Raise Or Not To Raise

When is it appropriate to put in a raise in PLO? Join John “KasinoKrime” Beauprez as he works through the finer points of putting in raises in a Pot Limit Omaha game.

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sa1251 (SNG/MTT): sa1251’s Beginner HUSNGs Part II

Here is the second video continuing Sean Anthony's return to video making, part two in a series that he aims at helping beginners and low-stakes players advance to the next level. As in the first video, Sean plays hypers against unknown opponents at the micros. Those who missed the first vid can find it here.

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Chris Moon (SNG/MTT): TPE Member Hand History Review – Riar with Chris Moon (Part 5)

Chris Moon is back with a TPE Member Hand History Review. This time he takes on Riar’s deep run in a tourney.

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danzasmack (Other): Beginning O8: Flop Play as the Preflop Raiser

In this installment of Beginning O8, Chuck walks through the basics of flop play as the preflop raiser. What effects our decision to continuation bet? What should we consider when trying to formulate a street to street plan?

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Dustin Bowman (SNG/MTT): DDBeast’s Bovada HUSNG Battle

Dustin explains his thought process while playing $200 turbo HUSNGs.

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