The week's picks from the poker training video directory.
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Our weekly feature gives readers a look inside our Poker Training Video Directory. We showcase some of the week’s best training videos from some of the top video producers and training sites available on the web.

Keep in mind many of these are premium subscription sites, but lots of them offer free previews, free trials or other alternative methods of maintaining a premium membership.

bigdogpckt5s (SNG/MTT): FTOPS Live Sweat with bigdogpckt5s (Part 1)

The bigdog is back and this time he is in action with a Live Sweat during FTOPS. This is a six part series.

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sthief09 (NLHE): Poker Fundamentals: Implied Odds – Visualizing EV

In part 2, Josh looks at a different way of visualizing EV, and works on building some mathematical intuition. The goal is to fully understand implied odds and be able to make better decisions at the table as a result.

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Bruno Chang (SNG/MTT): Bruno’s Live SNG Session (2)

Bruno continues walking you through his thought process in his recent sng session.

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Jamie Kerstetter (SNG/MTT): Party Poker New Jersey Live Sweat with Jamie Kerstetter (Part 3)

TPE Pro Jamie Kerstetter is back! This time she turns on the recorder for a live sweat across various buy-ins on Party Poker. This is a three part series.

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preachercasy151 (NLHE): OLD SKOOL: How to boss SNGs WITHOUT a HUD pt2

The Old Skool series sees Christy take to the tables for a session of 6-max SNGs – WITHOUT the security net of a HUD.

Watch him boss the bubbles and rely on old skool reads to see him book a strong winning session. Part two sees some serious endgame action go down!

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WiltOnTilt (NLHE): Mentor: WiltOnTilt – 4 Tables of 50nl – Part 1

WiltOnTilt continues with part 2 of this 3 part review of a 50nl session on Black Chip Poker!

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Willian Mates (NLHE): KhalDragon’s Guide to NLHE Play in 2015 (2)

Willian continues his series on how to play NLHE in 2015, working on pre flop play

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