PCA Money Bubble with Chino Rheem and Kristen Bicknell

PCA Money Bubble with Chino Rheem and Kristen Bicknell

Lance and Jeff continue to bring you daily podcasts from the Bahamas, and this episode focuses on the money bubble of the PCA Main Event, with guests Chino Rheem and Kristen Bicknell.

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January 10th, 2019 – Live from the PSPC with Jennifer Shahade

On this episode of the Tournament Poker Edge Podcast, Clayton comes to us live from The PokerStars Players Championship in the Bahamas and is joined by guest Jennifer Shahade who is the Mind Sports Ambassador for PokerStars.

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 01-08-19 with Guest Phil Hellmuth

15x World Champion Phil Hellmuth is Bernard Lee’s guest. 

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Top Pair Podcast 325: Home Game Stories from Norm Macdonald et al. at the #PSPC

In episode 325 we’ve got a special treat for you, legendary stand-up comic Norm Macdonald, as well as 2010 WSOP Player of the Year Frank Kassela, WSOP bracelet winner Chad Holloway, and veteran poker commentator and funnyman Joe Stapleton share their most memorable home game stories. Plus, a recap of our hosts’ home game experiences to start 2019, more talk about “bomb pots,” and Robbie recapping some of his experiences covering the PSPC in the Bahamas. Finally, good old Gutterball leaves us in stitches with his latest outburst.

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Working Hard or Hardly Working? Greenwood Wins 100K Title, Farrell and Fletcher Join the Show

Lance and Jeff question if they’re working hard or hardly working after Day 1b of the 2019 PCA Main Event. They then get into Sam Greenwood’s $100,000 Super High Roller victory before being joined by Niall Farrell and Clayton Fletcher.

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Druff & Friends Show – 01/11/2019 – PPPoker SSScammer

PFA moves to new server. Adnan Mohammad aka “NYPokerKing” accused of stealing money on deposit on his private PPPoker room (topic starts at 0:23:12 mark). 5Dimes shocker: Site steals $54k from winner of bad beat jackpot (1:42:45). Major update regarding disappearance of Tony from 5Dimes (2:14:30). Daniel Negreanu proposes to Amanda Leatherman (2:37:45). Did Joey Ingram “sell out” by accepting free $25k PCA tournament entry from Pokerstars? (2:46:03)

PFA listener question: “I got big metal wire in my food at MGM Harbor which ended up in my mouth before I realized it was there. What am I owed?” (3:02:25) Update on “Kristen”, the girl who appeared on radio last year who had a jailbird husband (3:42:30). MGM National Harbor confiscates jackpot from winner due to clerical error, won’t make it right for player (3:59:44). Potential for huge Reward Credits multiplier at Harrah’s Joliet based upon cold weather (4:18:47).

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Ep 112 – Hand history with Chris “Fox” Wallace

We start a new format with a standing panel of recreational players along with a rotating expert. This week we are joined by WSOP Bracelet winner Chris “Fox” Wallace. We discuss a couple of hands where Fox wins with AT and AK, neither time hitting the flop.

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PokerNews Podcast: Top Stories of 2018

Welcome in to a new year for the PokerNews Podcast!  No more episode numbers, just straight to what Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt want to talk about in the world of poker.  In this first episode of 2019, they break down the Top Ten Stories of 2018. And dive into everything surrounding those topics.  Plus, Sarah chats with Seminole Hard Rock Tournament Director Tony Burns! 

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Life after poker with Jaymes Rosenthal

In this episode of the podcast, enjoy a fun conversation Jaymes Rosenthal, (@jaymesbond) who is a poker player turned futures trader.

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No more amateur players?

Celebrity player Norm MacDonald has been quoted as saying the line between pro poker player and amateur has been blurred.

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Final Table of PSPC Set, Featuring Five Questions with Maria Konnikova

It’s time for the PSPC final table! Lance and Donnie recap Day 4 of the record-setting event that left just eight players remaining in competition for the $5.1 million first-place prize. The two preview Thursday’s final table, plus author and tournament player Maria Konnikova joins the show for a special edition of Five Questions.

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Taking Your Shot At The Main Event


Johnny Kampis was your average poker player until he decided to take a shot at the Main Event. The thrilling journey was captured in his book Vegas Or Bust: A Family Man Takes On The Poker Pros, and this week he’s on the podcast to give us a behind-the-scenes look at his WSOP Main Event run. 

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Poker Action Line 01/07/2019

2019 gets underway with a closer look at the PokerStars Player’s Championship in the Bahamas, as over 300 players try to parlay $30,000 Platinum Pass into the $5 million first prize(along with 700 other players who paid the $25k buy-in). BIG Dave and Joe also try to anticipate the many changes that will come to the South Florida Poker scene this year.

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Episode 281: Ben Saxton

Ben Saxton teaches literature and writing classes at Tulane Medical School and Bard Early College. He’s also a poker writer whose interviews for Two Plus Two Magazine have a lot in common with those you’d hear on the Thinking Poker Podcast! He and Andrew talk about documenting the unique culture of poker rooms, reading American … Read moreEpisode 281: Ben Saxton

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Postflop Poker Podcast – Episode 76 – Hero Calling

Merv & Ben are recovered from New Year celebrations in Sydney and present an episode about hero calling. They discuss this hand briefly in the preamble, before the traditional poser and strat-chat hand (21:05), which comes from a Belgium listener Kristoff, who wrote: “Hello, G’day and welcome to my email…”. After that piece of comedy, we simply had to feature the hand.

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198 – Review and Resolution

For the first time in 2019, Steve and Mike have a long discussion about their poker and personal life. They look back over their events from the past year or so and determine goals for the years to come. Mike also convinces Steve to get his copy of How Not To Die. Poker discussion starts at 53:50  

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Poker Fish are Your Value Targets | Podcast #217

Challenge (2:00) Question: Why do we target the Fish? (3:55) What Marks a Fish in My Games? (5:45) Tagging Fish (9:50) Fish are Friends (10:30) Don’t Be a Fish (11:50) Exploit the Fish (12:40)

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