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January 31st, 2019 – Poker and Taxes with Brad Polizzano

On this episode of the Tournament Poker Edge Podcast, Clayton is joined by Brad Polizzano to offer some tips and advice for poker players with regards to taxes.

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 01-29-19 with Guest Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi

3x Poker Players Champion, Michael Mizrachi, is Bernard Lee’s guest.

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Pokerfuse Podcast #2: Sunday Success, Seating Scripts, NJ Numbers and Portuguese Poker

This week on the pokerfuse Podcast we take a look at the Sunday Million, discuss the latest on seating scripts, review the highs and lows from 2018 for New Jersey online poker and talk about the most recent change to shared liquidity in Europe.

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Mailbag, Eli Elezra Controversy & Daniel Grants A Wish – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #19

Daniel Adam and Terrence begin with the story of Daniel granting a wish to a young poker fan with a terminal illness. They also talk about the Eli Elezra controversy surrounding owed debts, and some shot clock haters. We then open up some of the mail that has been piling up. Topics include: Spread limit cash game strategy, how to game plan for your non-professional regulars and a hilarious quiz on the UK! 

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Tournament Theories

In this episode of Tells, listen to a grumpy Andrew share his thoughts about musicals and tournament structures. We also discuss our favorite taco spots and share some listener questions.

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PokerNews Podcast: Chase Bianchi

It’s a jam-packed episode of the PokerNews Podcast. Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt cover the top stories in the poker world. They start with the Aussie Millions, is the biggest Main Event down under a great sign for this year’s WSOP? Poker pro Chase Bianchi joins the show to talk about the unregulated online poker environment in the United States.

Plus, drama!  Sarah and Jeff debate the controversy that’s surrounded a couple of Daniel Negreanu’s tweets. T

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Ep 115 – Interview with Sarah Herring

This week we catch-up with Sarah Herring, one of our favorite poker personalities. @auntychardonnay continues to give us some behind the scenes look at life as a global poker reporter. We take a break from the hand histories (back next week) to enjoy some light-hearted moments with the one & only Sara Herring. Enjoy…

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Daniel Negreanu news

Popular poker pro Daniel Negreanu makes the news twice this week and the stories are polarizing.

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Druff & Friends Show – 01/30/2019 – Hung Up

Interview with famous “American Idol” contestant (and now poker semi-pro) William Hung (topic starts at 0:19:32 mark). More drama unfolds in the Eli Elezra situation, with a well known high stakes player coming forward with an astounding story about him (1:20:10). Daniel Negreanu gets himself in hot water on social media with a controversial tweet about poker player types he dislikes (2:52:28). Micah Raskin to plead guilty in pot dealing case (4:12:28).

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Becoming A Solid Winner At $2/$5

Travis Moss struggled for years to gain a foothold in the game, but his passion for poker drove him to keep studying and competing against the best. Today, he’s a solid winning player at $2/$5 taking shots at $5/$10, thanks to his serious study of the game (including being a Red Chip Poker member). Hear how he did it on this week’s podcast.

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199 – Andrew Brokos

Starting as admirers of Andrew’s well-structured instructional videos, Steve and Mike have the pleasure of talking to the man himself – again! Andrew brings in his valuable insights and his meticulous analysis into this episode and I believe that everybody has something to learn from him. Poker discussion starts at 50:00  

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Poker Action Line 01/28/2019

BIG Dave and Joe wrap up the Lucky Hearts Series and talk about Chino Rheem’s win at the PCA Main Event in the Bahamas. The guys also follow the Borgata Series in Atlantic City and the very successful Ladies brunch event associated with the series. Finally. things get lighter with a discussion about the boxing match set for April between comedian Kevin Hart and poker superstar Antonio Esfandiari.

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Episode 283: Richard Herbert

Richard is a long-time poker player, dealer, floorperson, and tournament director in the Baltimore area. He started out playing Magic: The Gathering with some other poker players you’ve probably heard of. We geek out on dealer training and procedure but also get into some juicy stories about home games, robberies, and catching cheaters.

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Mainstay WSOP Events Added, a “Bracelet Winners Only” Tournament, Chino Winning Down Under, and More

Lance and Donnie are back for another episode of The Fives Pod. This week, the duo talks about the mainstay WSOP events added to the 2019 schedule, a new bracelet event in the mix, Chino Rheem’s winning ways continuing Down Under, and more.

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71. Smooth Sailing FT. Nick

Pete interviews one of his more successful students from the last few months of coaching. The discussion features what has gone right to make Nick’s poker journey so seemingly painless. Learn how Nick transformed his game through coaching and what lessons he learned along the way.

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Stop betting for protection | MED Monday #50

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