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Episode 4: Stars Rewards and Boycott, Dutch, Spanish and US Developments, and Run it Once Latest

Coming a couple of days later than the regular slot, Mike and Nick discuss the announced reduction in rewards for PokerStars’ MTT players and the subsequent planned boycott; the latest regulatory developments in the Netherlands and the significant live investment in Spain thanks to European shared liquidity. Mike then gives an update on the latest in the United States following the new Wire Act reinterpretation, and the pair discuss the first week success of Run It Once Poker.

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PokerNews Podcast: Phil Galfond

Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt are reunited to start this episode of the PokerNews Podcast. They preview the US Poker Open and dive into the other top stories in the poker world.  PokerStars Players Championship Winner Ramon Colillas signs a deal with PokerStars, Justin Bonomo wins a big tournament on PokerStars, and Jeff and Sarah discuss Jeff Gross and Jamie Staples leaving PokerStars. So, basically, an entire segment devoted to…PokerStars!   All the online poker talk is a perfect transition to bringing Phil Galfond on the show. The poker superstar tells us about the first week of public beta for his site, Run It Once, and expands on what his goals are for the future. 

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Ep 117 – Hand history & Crazy Like a Fox intro with Chris “Fox” Wallace

WSOP Bracelet winner Chris “Fox” Wallace joins the show again to break down a couple of hands but also to promote the new training course in partnership with RecPoker. “Crazy Like a Fox” is a 10-week, 15-hour interactive course that will also include discussion forums that Fox will be engaged with and weekly homework.

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February 15th, 2019 – WSOP Main Event Late Stages and a Listener Question

On this episode of the Tournament Poker Edge Podcast, Clayton continues his review of some key hands from the World Series of Poker Main Event and also answers a question from a listener that came in on Twitter.

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095 – Wayne Yap – From Financial Adversity to the Top

In this episode, Wayne Yap, high-stakes poker professional and advisor, reveals how he made his way to the top despite severe financial adversity – and a two-year stint in the army. Elliot and Wayne discuss the importance of studying and building a network within the poker community. Listen in to hear an expert share his strategic thinking, practical game theory, and mindset mastery tips so you can jump stakes and play bigger.

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Druff & Friends Show – 02/13/2019 – Where O Where Has Ivey’s $10 Million Gone?

Federal court grants Borgata the ability to move search for Phil Ivey’s assets in Nevada, in order to collect $10.6 million judgment (segment features attorney Eric Bensamochan, topic begins at 0:31:59 mark). Druff gets into Twitter argument with Penn Jillette’s wife, and disgraced former poker media figure Joy Miller sticks her head into the matter (1:44:09). Joseph Stiers, an advantage player barred from Caesars properties, settles lawsuit over his disqualification from WSOP Main with a lot of chips (3:10:21).

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Cinderella story and Restock

The AUPT title goes to a guy who made the field through a $25 satellite. Plus, Restock the Shelves breaks a record.

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show with Guests Eli Elezra & Robbie Strazynski

Eli Elezra, 3x WSOP Bracelet winner and TV host, is Bernard Lee’s guest.

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Life At The Center Of The Poker Universe

Joe Stapleton is one of the most-loved and most-recognized commentators in poker media. This week he joins us to entertain and entrance with tales from behind the scenes of poker’s biggest stages. Tune in if you’ve ever dreamed of hearing Stapleton say your name on a broadcast (even if he’s telling joke about you!)

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Poker Action Line 02/11/2019

BIG Dave interviews professional grinder Nick Yunis, and talks about his experiences at the WSOP Circuit events at the Seminole Coconut Creek. Joe helps evaluate a strategy article by Upswing Poker about 5 tips ti build bigger stacks in tournaments. The guys also talk about the uproar surrounding Daniel Negreanu’s latest blog post.

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The Phils: Galfond Launches Online Poker Site, Ivey Back in the News

On this episode of The Fives, Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters talk Phil Galfond launching his online poker site, Run It Once, and the return of Phil Ivey to the headlines.

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RIO Poker Launches & Hustling Your Friends – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #20

Daniel, Adam and Terrence begin with Daniel’s upsetting run of hockey bets which leads into a discussion of the “going vegan” prop bets that have been talked about recently. All of this betting discussion leads to a story of Doyle Brunson getting hustled on a Super Bowl bet in Bobby’s Room. The guys spend a while deciding if and when it’s ok to hustle your friends.    (28:00)

In the news: The much anticipated Run It Once Poker site has officially launched and the guys break down their first reactions to the software and business model. Terrence and Daniel debate the benefit of the “splash pots” promotion that they offer too. Other stories discussed are party poker’s new rake back system, Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples leaving Pokerstars and Aussie Millions results. Before wrapping things up the guys review some of the funniest poker tweets of the past week! 

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No progress?

In this episode of the podcast Andrew and Busi discuss nirvana, vision boards and explore the rules they might be judging their progress by.

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