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Viva Las Vegas for Three World Poker Tour Final Tables

Lance Bradley has landed in Las Vegas for three consecutive World Poker Tour final tables. He’s joined by Donnie Peters to preview the WPT’s L.A. Poker Classic, Gardens Poker Championship, and Borgata Winter Poker Open.

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Episode 7: Financial Reporting Season, the Latest in the US and Pennsylvania, and Changes to Automated Seating Scripts

Nick and Mike highlight the latest in online poker news. It’s financial reporting season, and the guys discuss the poker companies’ results for 2018 & outlook for 2019. There is news about the launch of online poker in Pennsylvania, an update on the Wire Act situation, and the guys discuss some of the changes being implemented to automated seating scripts as a result of the new policy at PokerStars going into effect.

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Burnt out, now what?

In this episode of Tells, Andrew and Busi address how they deal with burnout. Andrew shares a flight controller’s view on which are the safest local airlines and Busi shares her experience of her first MUG and shares her theory on why it took her so long to make it to one.
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March 8th, 2019 – MTT Poker Strategy with Killingbird and DannyN13

On this episode of the Tournament Poker Edge Podcast, Killingbird takes over the mic and catches up with our old friend DannyN13. We can an update on Danny’s life, poker, the new site One Time Poker and they discuss three poker hands focusing on flatting big hands preflop, ranging opponents and the importance of bet sizing.

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Questionable Investments, Private Games & Ivey Stories – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #22

This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: We asked and you answered! A show full of your questions for the gang. The guys begin talking about the crazy video of the fight that broke out at Talking Stick casino in Arizona which prompts stories of the craziest fights Daniel, Adam and Terrence have seen while playing live poker. Also discussed are the “private” games going on in casinos in Vegas and  how they are hurting the local pros. Last week Daniel mentioned he had some stories of the weirdest things he’d been asked to invest in and we get some stories from Daniel and Terrence of questionable investments. Adam also has a quiz about pro wrestlers from the WWF era. 

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202 – Return of the Welch

Steve is catching up with Carlos at a poker house, going in-depth over a few live hands they’ve played recently. Make sure you follow Carlos for coaching and updates! Elliot Roe asks, “What roadblocks are holding you back from playing your best poker?” Elliot’s “Mindset Coaching” can help you quickly eliminate your barriers and maximize your potential. A coach, an author, and a speaker, Elliot offers his mindset coaching to poker players at all levels.

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PokerNews Podcast: Ana Marquez

It’s Sarah Herring coming at you from Bucharest with a brand new episode of the PokerNews Podcast.  She flies solo on this one (Jeff Platt is probably firing a nightly tournament somewhere in Vegas), but gets some help from 888 Poker Ambassador Ana Marquez.  The two dive into a wide-ranging conversation at the 888 Poker LIVE event in Bucharest.  Plus, Sarah looks at the top stories in the poker world.  This week’s sponsor: Natural8!

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Top Pair Podcast 329: CSOP Charity Poker Recap with Donna Lawton

In episode 329 Bruce Briggs and Robbie Strazynski welcome Donna Lawton to the show. She proudly represented the podcast at the recent St. Jude Against All Odds CSOP charity event. While she wasn’t able to repeat as the event’s winner, she had a great time and fun, meaningful experiences helping to raise over $335,000 for the organization. Plus, Bruce shares his regular home game session recap while Robbie teases an upcoming poker trip to EPT Sochi. As usual, good old Gutterball helps us end off the show with a good laugh.

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Finally Learn to Use a Poker HUD | Podcast #225

Poker HUD Challenge (2:35) One Small Piece at a Time (4:30) A. Know the Definition (6:55) B. Know the Formula (7:40) C. Know the Meaning – put it in a real-world context (8:05)  D. Know the Exploits (9:45) Take Action (13:45)

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Weekly Poker Hand #241

Flopping a set is nice, especially when your opponent is drawing nearly dead and sticks around all the way to the river.

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Lots of poker fighting

From Twitter poker fights, to physical poker fights to legal poker fights, we have it all covered on this week’s show.

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Druff & Friends Show – 03/06/2019 – Bad Decision, Good Result

Sheldon Adelson has cancer, hasn’t been at work in over 2 months (topic starts at 0:17:10 mark). Entertaining listener “shoeshine box” calls in to talk about his battle with cancer (0:35:35). Crazy ranting player leads to fight at Talking Stick in Arizona (0::52:59). Two advantage players file lawsuit against Harrah’s Joliet over false arrest in 2014 (1:12:46). Adam “Pacman” Jones arrested for cheating at Indiana casino (1:55:40). Harrah’s Metropolis closed to due to massive flood (2:13:42). Poker pro Jon Jonsson missing for nearly 3 weeks after attending Dublin poker tournament (2:24:10). Druff mocks latest Annie Duke podcast appearance (2:33:26). Surprise phone call from neverwin and his girlfriend, bearing shocking news (3:26:10). DOJ decides to delay enforcement of new Wire Act interpretation until June (3:45:26). Carl Icahn gets three preferred members added to Caesars board (3:51:27).

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 03-05-19 with Guest David Peters

David Peters, the 2019 U.S. Poker Open Champ, is Bernard Lee’s guest.

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Poker Strategy Mindhacks

Tommy Angelo has written some of our favorite books on poker, period. He blurs the line between strategy and storytelling, teaching countless players how to succeed through mindfulness and self-reflection. Plus he’s damn funny! Hear why 'Waiting For Straighters’ might be the most entertaining way to up your game this year.

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Poker Action Line 03/04/2019

BIG Dave and Joe discuss Joe’s new position at the Casino Miami Poker Room, as floor manager and the challenges with training new employees. BIG Dave also updates the latest results from around the poker world and puts the focus on a busy upcoming schedule for the WPT.

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Episode 287: Rough River

... Read more…

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