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50 Cent Goes After Randall Emmett, Negreanu Versus Deeb Gets Personal, and Esfandiari Punches Kevin Hart

Donnie is back from his wedding to join Lance and talk about how the poker world went a little crazy over the past week. On this episode of The Fives, the crew talks 50 Cent’s million-dollar dispute with Randall Emmett, Daniel Negreanu and Shaun Deeb getting personal with their jabs on social media, and Antonio Esfandiari boxing Kevin Hart.

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Poker’s Leading Lady

Kara Scott has been a leading and highly visible figure in poker for a long time, with many an inside story to tell. This week, she joins us as she makes her triumphant return to the poker scene after being on maternity leave. Join us for another great discussion with one of the poker world’s primary players.

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Insane Kentucky Derby Story & The Poker Twitter Problem – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #30

Is it possible to have your biggest win and worst beat ever on the same bet? That’s what happened to a friend of the show when he bet on the Kentucky Derby. 

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Episode 13: An update on US shared liquidity and WSOP online events, new games on PokerStars, and the latest on Twitch poker-streamers

Nick and Mike kick off the show by discussing things they won’t discuss on this episode. The guys update listeners on potential paths forward for shared liquidity in the US and the status of the upcoming WSOP online events. The conversation then shifts to more new games on PokerStars and things wrap up with news of the latest on the poker-streamer front.

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Postflop Poker Podcast – Episode 83 – Beat the Board

Tune in to find out how you could win a new PPP inspired T-shirt from After a memorable tease from Merv, we answer a poser about when to bluff at boards which look likely to be the strongest hand. The stratchat hand (18:48) features headsup action from the final stages of the EPT in Prague in 2016 as Crazy Dutchman Jasper Meijer pulls off a successful river bluff.

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Ep 128 – Community Chat – Various topics

Taylor Maas substitutes for Steve and chats with a few rec players about various topics including some of the things being learned in the “Crazy Like a Fox” training series.

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Poker Action Line 05/06/2019

BIG Dave and Joe have an interesting discussion about private games in public card rooms which can allow the organizers to discriminate on a basis of skill. Good or bad for the game? You decide. The guys also take a look at some of the new events on the WSOP schedule.

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The Mental Game Month of May | Podcast #234

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206 – WSOP Quiz answers & Best of HUPP

After being charged a premium for entering one of Brazil’s islands, I recorded an update answering the questions from the previous episode. And because WSOP is right around the corner, I’ve decided to revisit one of last WSOP 2018’s episodes to see what I can do differently. Alex Fitzgerald’s new flagship product is here, Master Tournament Poker In One Class.  It’s a bold title and for good reason

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PokerNews Podcast: Matt Berkey

Matt Berkey joins Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt for a wide-ranging conversation in this episode of the PokerNews Podcast.  But before the Solve For Why creator jumps on the show, Sarah and Jeff chat about all the drama that’s popped up in the poker world. Negreanu vs. Deeb, Randall Emmett vs. 50 Cent, and more! Sarah also brings Eric Steinbaugh onto the show. Steinbaugh, a poker player, is donating a kidney to his friend’s mom, who he’s never met before.  Then, Berkey jumps on to discuss his plans for the summer, and a new documentary that Solve For Why is creating. 

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The Magician and the WSOP

Antonio Esfandiari beats Kevin Hart in the ring and we chat about some more WSOP news.

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Weekly Poker Hand #249

A nearly nut-low hand decides to get frisky on the river. Would you have made the same play? If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to sign up for a…(Visited 3 time, 3 visit today)

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Druff & Friends Show – 05/01/2019 – Blame It On Texas

Ray Davis arrested for alleged “sexual assault against minors” (segment features attorney Eric Bensamochan, begins at 0:34:00 mark). Chicago Joey has America’s Card Room CEO Phil Nagy on his show to discuss bots, other matters (1:44:45). Cate Hall claims she’s going celibate forever (2:34:39). WSOP makes various positive additions and changes, but will some be choked out by oppressive fees? (2:46:00)

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Antonio vs Kevin Hart, Daniel’s Feud, Mail & More! – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #29

This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: Did you even hear about the Antonio Esfandiari vs Kevin Hart boxing match? We’ve got the details. The episode begins with Daniel airing out his beef with Shaun Deeb which took place online during the week and got personal. This leads to a continuation of the markup/free market debate and 50 Cent & Randall Emmett gossip. (29:20)

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show Q & A Show

WSOP Social Media Manager Kevin Mathers is the moderator for Bernard Lee’s annual question and answer show.

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Top Pair Podcast 333: Interview with Eli Elezra

In episode 333 of the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, Bruce Briggs and Robbie Strazynski welcome poker legend Eli Elezra to the show. He talks of his (brief, but profitable) stint playing in private Hollywood home games, shares his plans for the upcoming WSOP, compares being on televised poker shows today vs. in the golden era, and much more. Bruce and Robbie also fill you in on their latest home game exploits, dive into the listener mailbag, and share a funny One Outer story that’ll surely leave you chuckling.

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