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PokerNews Podcast: Joey Ingram

Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt are back with another episode of the PokerNews Podcast. Safe to say they did not have a difficult decision on what to lead the show with. They chat about the wild content that Dan “Jungleman” Cates has released.   Plus, Manig Loeser takes down the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event, but Ryan Riess steals some of the spotlight with his incredible call at the final table.   Bryn Kenney takes down a massive Triton Super High Roller event, and partypoker continues to make moves in the streaming world.   Then, Jeff chats with popular poker podcaster Joey Ingram about Jungleman’s antics, the inspiration behind his most recent podcasts, and his plans for this summer.

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Episode 14: Stars Group and FOX, New Jersey’s Wire Act Court Case, MILLIONS Online and in Las Vegas

In this week’s episode, Nick and Mike waste no time in diving into an in-depth discussion on Wednesday’s big news on The Stars Group’s partnership with FOX Sports, what it means for US sports betting, and any ramifications to online poker. Mike then provides a brief update on the latest on the regulatory front, and then the pair finish up with a discussion on partypoker’s ambitious MILLIONS Online plan for next December, and their last-minute Las Vegas announcement.

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The Grid 002 ft. Kevin Rabichow – Ten Five Offsuit

Kevin “Barewire” Rabichow, high-stakes online player, coach and heads-up specialist, talks to Jennifer Shahade about Ten-Five offsuit; a riveting heads-up hand from 2009. Kevin talks about “King of the Hill” dynamics, and how the hand may be played differently today. He also talks about a few common pitfalls that snare some tournament players when playing…

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The Chip Race – Season 9 Episode 3 – Jungleman, Jan Suchanek, Allen Kessler and Sameer Singh.

This week David and Dara are joined by a very special guest, ‘Jungleman’ Daniel Cates. They also sit down with poker player and pro sports bettor Jan Suchanek. Allen Kessler calls in to chat about the hot topic of Mark-Up. Ian has all the news and Sameer Singh stops by with a hand from his deep Irish Open run.

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Ranking the 50 Greatest Players in WSOP History

Lance and Donnie add PocketFives senior writer Jeff Walsh to the mix this week to start discussing the team’s ranking of the top 50 greatest players in WSOP history.

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Insane Kentucky Derby Story & The Poker Twitter Problem – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #30

Is it possible to have your biggest win and worst beat ever on the same bet? That’s what happened to a friend of the show when he bet on the Kentucky Derby.    To begin the guys chat about ice baths, spas and Daniel’s wedding before getting to the story. (9:57) We are joined by  friend and listener to the show Steve aka RenoDoc. Steve made some wagers on the big race last weekend, and you may have heard about the disqualification. Well this affected Steve’s tickets and he found himself a winner of A LOT of money. The problem is will he get paid the full amount? 

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Texas poker update

We discuss the poker situation in Houston. Also, inexplicably, Kim Kardashian makes it onto the show.

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Ep 129 – Peyton Smith discusses hands

Young & upcoming tough Minnesota player Peyton Smith joins Steve Fredlund and the RecPoker panel to discuss a couple of hands, approaching them like a chess player. This episode is also available on video at

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Poker Downswings, Boredom and Improved Focus | Q&A Podcast #235

Q1: Poker Downswing (3:05) Q2: Boredom (6:45) Q3: Poker Focus (15:00) Pick a Challenge (19:25)

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Weekly Poker Hand #250

Baysy has to decide whether or not to run an optimistic river bluff. Would you have gone for it? If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to sign up for…(Visited 5 time, 4 visit today)

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Druff & Friends Show – 05/08/2019 – Deep in Makeup

Celebrate PFA’s 300th episode… 2 months ago (topic begins at 0:19:42 mark). Annette Obrestad now in “makeup” — literally (0:25:28). Catrific puts foot in mouth again after her attempt to get sell WSOP pieces. gets trolled on Twitter (1:43:58). Shaun Deeb alleges that Pokerstars paid a sexual harassment lawsuit settlement related to Daniel Negreanu & Amanda Leatherman (2:02:18). Daniel “Jungleman” Cates releases weird sex-themed video of himself (2:28:12).

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Episode 295: Carlos Welch, Single Table Satellites, and More

CARLOs WELCH Carlos Welch is a “professional poker student” and long-time friend of the show. He plays, coaches, and studies poker, lives in a van, and substitute teaches. He first appeared on Episode 39. Twitter Link Carlos and Andrew have … Read more…

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 05-07-19 with Guest Joe Cada

Bernard Lee kicks off the 12th Anniversary of his show chatting with 2009 WSOP Main Event Champ, Joe Cada.

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Poker’s Leading Lady

Kara Scott has been a leading and highly visible figure in poker for a long time, with many an inside story to tell. This week, she joins us as she makes her triumphant return to the poker scene after being on maternity leave. Join us for another great discussion with one of the poker world’s primary players.

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206 – WSOP Quiz answers & Best of HUPP

After being charged a premium for entering one of Brazil’s islands, I recorded an update answering the questions from the previous episode. And because WSOP is right around the corner, I’ve decided to revisit one of last WSOP 2018’s episodes to see what I can do differently.

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Poker Action Line 05/06/2019

BIG Dave and Joe have an interesting discussion about private games in public card rooms which can allow the organizers to discriminate on a basis of skill. Good or bad for the game? You decide. The guys also take a look at some of the new events on the WSOP schedule.

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