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Ep 131 – Jared Tendler

We sit down this week with Jared Tendler, who coaches over 450 poker players, including some of the best players in the world. He’s a licensed mental health counselor and performance coach who works poker players to help them eliminate tilt, improve focus, excel under pressure, play in the zone more often, and much more.

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Adding Tables and Kicking Ass | Podcast #237

Challenge (2:10) Adding Tables (the Why) (3:25) Playing with a Kick Ass Attitude (10:15) Show Notes with more info, pics and links.

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Episode 16: partypoker Coming to Nevada? Various New Online Poker Software Updates, CNBC Coverage of Poker Staking

Nick and Mike discuss the potential of partypoker launching online poker in Nevada, they then take listeners through a slew of recent upgrades rolled out by various online poker operators including some cool innovative features, and they wrap up the topics of the week talking about the mainstream media coverage of poker staking that appeared on CNBC.

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Weekly Poker Hand #252

In this episode of Weekly Poker Hand, Kathy picks up A-A and has to figure out how to get all the money in. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure…(Visited 2 time, 2 visit today)

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Life is Chaos

What do you do when your life is in chaos? Do you embrace it or freak out?Andrew and Busi try and come to a compromise of dealing with the chaos that life can be.

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Top Pair Podcast 335: Interview with Brad Owen

In episode 335 of the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, Bruce Briggs and Robbie Strazynski welcome poker vlogger Brad Owen to the show. He speaks of his introduction to poker via home games with his brother and the “good old days” as a teenager playing at poker rooms on Indian reservations. Of course, we dive into his poker vlogging life, what makes his style unique, and what he loves about the MUGs (meet up games) that he co-hosts with fellow poker vlogger Andrew Neeme. Plus, new installments of the show’s “It’s in the Cards” and “Table Talk” segments, Bruce and Robbie sharing their latest home game recaps, and a One Outer that figure(ine)s to get you a good chuckle.

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PokerNews Podcast: Lynn Gilmartin

One more PokerNews Podcast before the World Series of Poker begins, and this one is action-packed to say the least. WPT Anchor Lynn Gilmartin joins the show to preview the delayed final tables at the HyperX eSports Arena in Las Vegas next week. Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt also look at the poker world’s biggest stories. Daniel Negreanu leaves PokerStars after 12 years, and if you think that announcement is big, wait until you hear what Sarah has in store. The World Series of Poker has a new streaming deal, how important it is for the WSOP to be featured on CBS All-Access. Plus, Sarah and Jeff run through Part Two of their WSOP predictions. Who will win Player of the Year? Jeff catches up with one of the stars of A&E’s “Flipping Vegas”, Gady Medrano, to chat about an upcoming charity poker tournament at Binion’s.

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Druff & Friends Show – 05/22/2019 – On Your Bike

Daniel Negreanu and Amanda Leatherman get married (topic begins at 0:32:28 mark). Poker player claims room break-in theft at Bally’s, says hotel won’t help (1:48:00). Sportsbetting tout “Vegas Dave” makes plea bargain to federal charges (2:50:03). Viffer seen playing 5-10 NL in cardroom, looking old (3:56:10). WSOP final tables no longer being streamed on Twitch, requires PokerGo subscription (4:18:18). Public asked to vote for WSOP “First Fifty Honors” (4:32:00). CNBC does special on professional poker staking (4:44:41). clamping down on hotels trying to stiff them out of resort fee commission (5:08:50). Druff’s biggest poker tournament heartbreaks (5:19:52). Party Poker apparently coming to Nevada, but why? (5:57:45). Two more states legalize sportsbetting (6:08:03). Bitcoin beginner primer (6:17:41). tradershky co-hosts. Calls from badguy23 and SideEffect towards end of Negreanu topic.

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Cracking Aces Ep 2 Ft. Chris Moneymaker

This week on Cracking Aces we are joined by the one and only Chris Moneymaker. He talks about winning the 2003 Main Event, the very early days of Poker Stars, and how nervous he was to go on David Letterman. Jake and Nate also talk about playing underground games, where to play online these days, and Jake tells the best story ever. Enjoy!

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The World Series of Poker Is ONE WEEK AWAY!

The 2019 WSOP is one week away! Lance and Donnie open the show by running through the recent news from the poker world, including dissecting the new partnership between Poker Central and CBS to air WSOP coverage. Jeff Walsh then joins in as the team continues to run through its list of top 50 greatest players in WSOP history.

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Tips for WSOP rookies

Ante Up friend Bernard Lee has tips for those who are experiencing the World Series of Poker for the first time.

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show with Guest Phil Hellmuth

15x WSOP Bracelet Winner Phil Hellmuth is Bernard Lee’s guest.

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Consistently Cashing In Big Tournaments

Melanie Weisner is a pro poker player and coach with a long list of high-profile tournament cashes dating back to the golden age of online poker. We spoke with her about the many changes her poker career underwent as games and players evolved, and what her poker present and future look like. 

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WSOP 50th Anniversary Honors & #AlovestheD! – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #31

The biggest news of the poker world this week was Daniel’s big day! The groom himself tells us about his A-List poker wedding. There’s also a little game of thrones shade before getting into the poker talk.    (22:40) In the poker chat the guys open up with some SCOOP talk and then get deep into the WSOP 50th Honours that were released this week. Categories and picks for “Most Memorable WSOP TV Hand”, “Most Likely To Succeed Under 35” and “Most Impressive Main Event Win” are discussed with stories about the players nominated. There’s also some more of your wonderful mail including some tournament questions about paying your backers and how would a $2/5 player survive in the Main Event?

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Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring WIM Carolina Blanco – LK005

WIM Dr. Carolina Blanco talks to Jennifer Shahade on Ladies Knight about her incredible work with the “Girls Club Room” at National Events, where girls socialize, learn from top players and participate in organized events. Right after the interview, Jen and Carolina gave a tandem chess simul at the Girls Club Room to 20 girls…

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Poker Action Line 05/20/2019

BIG Dave and Joe talk about what’s new this year at the WSOP and many of the events around town there this summer. The guys also discuss the decision by the Seminole Tribe to discontinue payments to the State of Florida to force serious negotiations of a new compact.

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207 – Steve and Mike meet once again

Steve and Mike finally have their long overdue catch-up. They talk about the latest events in their personal and poker life, such as Steve’s meditative trip to Brazil. A while after falling out of the spotlight, cryptocurrency makes another appearence in this episode as Bitcoin and Co. are gaining traction again. Alex Fitzgerald’s new flagship product is here, Master Tournament Poker In One Class.  It’s a bold title and for good reason.  Watch the free intro video and be ahead of 90% of your opponents.  Use the code HUPOKER to get 75% off. Elliot Roe!  Start with the free Tilt-Buster MP3, or look at his collection of Mental Game MP3s.  If you need to be putting in more volume, then The Simple Volume System is for you.  Total Mindset Makeover? Join the Poker Mind Coach Courses. If you are a tournament poker player, you may already know about Tournament Poker Edge.  Check out some free training videos here. Check out all things poker at HeadsUpPoker.Poker.  Sign up for a coaching session with Steve, watch instructional videos, and check out all previous podcasts.  You can contact Steve via Twitter, Facebook, or email at

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The Grid 003 ft. Jamie Kerstetter – Aces

Poker pro, commentator and everyone’s favorite twitter follow, Jamie Kerstetter talks to Jennifer Shahade about the most coveted poker hand, aces.  Jamie tells a dramatic story from a decade ago, where she bamboozled an opponent with aces in a large pot. The aftermath ended in a true “walk of shame” for the villain in the…

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Ask Alex Episode 205 “Poker Stamina”

Alex is still offering crazy discounts on ALL his products if you use the coupon code ONEOUTER at checkout. Full details are discussed in the show and you can find them in the Alex’s Store section at the top right of this page. Topics on this show include….. How you can improve your poker stamina […]

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