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208 – Strategy and planning for WSOP 2019

Join Steve in finding out what the whole HUP podcast gang is up to at the WSOP. Due to leave in the next few days, Steve is going over his plans and strategy for this year’s event, including selling 50% of himself, out of which you can still get a bit by checking out his Twitter!

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Daniel’s Split From Stars, WSOP Package, 25K Fantasy Draft & Preview! – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #33

This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: Daniel begins with opening up about the details of his time at Pokerstars coming to an end. From the rake changes to the Supernova Elite debacle he answers some questions more honestly than he could while with the company. We also break down the WSOP 25k Fantasy Draft and who the guys think was the best value, who cost the most and Daniel’s team.   Other news includes Daniel’s public WSOP package and the unimaginable amount of traffic it got. With hundreds of thousands of dollars in packages selling out in minutes, the website crashing and overselling it was a wild success, but also ran into some huge problems. The guys also talk about Ivey’s Masterclass and some great pre-WSOP tweets, including an Ivey story!   

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Massive Turnout for the WSOP Big 50 and Brian Green Wins First Gold Bracelet of the Summer

Lance and Donnie bring you the latest episode of The Fives straight from ground zero of the World Series of Poker. On the episode, the two discuss the absolutely massive turnout for the Big 50, Brian Green winning the first bracelet of the summer, and the World Poker Tour wrapping up another final table from the HyperX Esports Arena.

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Ep 132: Women in Poker part 1: Lexy Gavin & Tiffany Lee

We start the discussion about women in poker with Charity Series of Poker (CSOP) Vice-President Lexy Gavin and Tiffany Lee.

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Your Poker Nemesis and Revenge Tilt | Podcast #238

Challenge (1:45) Poker Nemesis (2:50) How to handle your Nemesis (5:00) Do you fear your Nemesis? (8:30) Avoiding Revenge Tilt (12:45)

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Ante Up Worlds and Acey-Deucey

Scott plays Acey-Deucey with the in-laws again, our Ante Up Worlds details are out.

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Weekly Poker Hand #253

Baysy decides to run an optimistic bluff but runs into trips. That is unlucky! If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to sign up for a free 7-day trial membership…(Visited 38 time, 38 visit today)

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PokerNews Podcast: Eli Elezra

The World Series of Poker is underway! Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt preview the first week of the WSOP in this episode of the PokerNews Podcast.  A great turnout for the Gavin Smith Memorial Tournament, plus what to watch for among the first couple events. The $10k Super Turbo Bounty will mark the first broadcast, and the Big Fifty could set record fields.  Daniel Negreanu deals with a bit of chaos in his WSOP piece-selling, but makes it all right in the end.  Plus, Eli Elezra joins the show!  He discusses his new book: what his Israeli Army experience taught him, his introduction to Chip Reese and Doyle Brunson, and his plans for the WSOP.  

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101 – Tommy Angelo – Making Meditation a Daily Habit

In this episode, Tommy Angelo, poker and meditation coach, discusses his new book Dailyness: How to Sustain a Meditation Practice. He shares what meditation means to him and why, if you commit to making it a practice, you need to go all-in. Elliot and Tommy explore the common excuses and challenges people face when they meditate. Listen in to hear an expert share how meditation gives players an edge at the table and why you’re already better at it than you think. Click here to gain access to all of the show notes for this episode

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Episode 3 WSOP PREVIEW Ft 2013 Main Event Winner Ryan Riess

This week on Cracking Aces we break down the 2019 WSOP! We talk about what’s new at the World Series, what and who to watch for, and we are joined by the 2013 Main Event champion and current high stakes tournament crusher Ryan Riess. He talks about his desire to stay on top of the game, his plans for the summer, and how he continues improving his game and making more money. Enjoy!  

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Poker Action Line 05/28/2019

BIG Dave and Joe preview the WSOP schedule focusing on the BIG 50 and the new TV coverage and streaming services. The guys also look at the career of the recently deceased Gavin Smith as the charity tournament to raise money for his sons gets underway.

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Life is Chaos

What do you do when your life is in chaos? Do you embrace it or freak out?Andrew and Busi try and come to a compromise of dealing with the chaos that life can be.
The post Life is Chaos appeared first on Tells Podcast.

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The Grid 004 ft. Maria Konnikova – Seven Deuce Offsuit

Award winning author, psychology PhD, New Yorker writer and PokerStars Pro Maria Konnikova talks about the most notorious poker hand, seven-deuce offsuit. The author of the Confidence Game, Mastermind and the highly anticipated upcoming book, The Biggest Bluff  talks about a hand from a 2018 World Series of Poker side event that gave her a new perspective on bluffing.  ...

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Negreanu and Stars Part Ways and the WSOP Is Here!

Lance, Donnie, and Jeff are ready for the 2019 World Series of Poker! The crew recaps the recent happenings in the poker world involving Daniel Negreanu and PokerStars splitting up, Negreanu’s WSOP package selling, and the conclusion of the PokerStars SCOOP series, but then it’s time to talk all things WSOP. Predictions and more make their way to this episode, with talk about who will win this summer, who won’t, how big events will be, and more.

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Calling The Biggest Action In Poker

David Tuchman is one of poker’s most beloved commentators, and as a player, he’s posted six figures of tournament scores. He joins us to talk about what it’s like calling the action — front and center for the most talked-about hands and biggest pots in the game.

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74. The Alien World Problem

Pete explains the main idea behind his new Mental Game book, which he expects to release in a few months’ time and gives out some advice for understanding why we struggle to adapt to the realm of poker.

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 05-28-19 with Guest Jack Effel

WSOP V.P. and Tournament Director Jack Effel is Bernard Lee’s Guest.

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Episode 297: Quick Strategy

Andrew’s working furiously to finish his book, so there’s no guest this week, just a quick strategy segment where he and Nate discuss whether to slowplay top set. Timestamps 0:30 Hello8:07 Strategy Strategy $2/$5 at Turning Stone in upstate NY. ... Read more…

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Top Pair Podcast 335: Interview with Brad Owen

In episode 335 of the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, Bruce Briggs and Robbie Strazynski welcome poker vlogger Brad Owen to the show. He speaks of his introduction to poker via home games with his brother and the “good old days” as a teenager playing at poker rooms on Indian reservations. Of course, we dive into his poker vlogging life, what makes his style unique, and what he loves about the MUGs (meet up games) that he co-hosts with fellow poker vlogger Andrew Neeme.

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