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Finding the Fold | Podcast #248

Challenge (1:50) Calling Keeps You in the Micro Stakes (2:55) Calling with worse made hands (5:25) Folding isn’t glamorous, but there are benefits (6:45) Post-flop Folding (8:40) When are you going to finally learn to fold? (12:03) Show Notes with more info, pics and links: Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker player, poker coach and poker author. 

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The Grid 011 ft. Matt Berkey – Queen-Five Offsuit

Notes: The GRID welcomes Matt Berkey, the founder of Solve for Why and a frequent player in some of the highest stakes cash games in the World. He comes on the GRID to talk to Jen Shahade about the largest pot we’ve covered yet, against Dan “Jungleman” Cates on Poker After Dark. Berkey held queen-five offsuit on…

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Triton €1M London Preview & VPN Ethics  - DAT Poker Podcast Episode #41

This week on DAT Poker Podcast: There is some great poker content to be discussed even though the world series is over! The guys are back and recovering from WSOP hangover. Daniel talks about his plans for WSOP Europe and getting healthy again.  

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Ep 139 – Tommy Angelo part 1

Tommy Angelo joins the podcast to talk about his background and insights; talk was so good we had to split into two parts. Enjoy!

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Episode 23: ACR’s Record, Partypoker’s Real Names, Fall Schedules and Bubble Protection

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PokerNews Podcast: What’s Next After WSOP?

It was the perfect title for Poker After Dark: “Main Event Hangover”. Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt felt the WSOP hangover as well, as they bring you the latest PokerNews Podcast. They recap an incredibly entertaining lineup of Poker After Dark, plus look at the WSOP Player of the Year standings. Who will go to Europe to try to earn Player of the Year honors?

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103 – Jeff Gross – Engaging the Poker Community Online

In this episode, Jeff Gross, one of the most interesting personalities in all of poker who professionally plays live and online, discusses how he got started on Twitch. He shares how he’s learned to be realistic about his evolution and growth in the poker world. Elliot and Jeff dive into how to get started on Twitch, what to expect, and how you could turn streaming into a business.

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Ante Up Worlds Part II

Scott wins the HORSE title at the Ante Up World Championship at Thunder Valley Casino Resort in California.

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Weekly Poker Hand #261

I play A-K cautiously and end up with the nuts. It turns out it is difficult to get paid off with the nuts! If you enjoyed this episode, be sure…(Visited 5 time, 5 visit today)

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Ep 11 – WSOP Dick Bandit Is (Allegedly) On Crack, Randall Emmett’s Antics, Folding KK Preflop, And An Interview With Garry Gates

This week on Cracking Aces we start off by talking about our trip to AC and Jake folding KK preflop. We talk about the difference between playing wild amateurs and extremely good pros. We then talk about Randall Emmett and his antics at the table…not a fan. And then we discuss the “Dick Bandit” who got thrown out of the Main Event and how he might be on crack.

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212 – Veronica Brill and Mike Sneideman

Steve and Mike are delighting us with the rare occasion of having a female guest on the podcast. Veronica is an accomplished player and she’s given the two of us many inisghts into her poker techniques, and we can only hope we’ve done the same.  

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Poker Action Line 07/24/2019

BIG Dave and Joe take an extensive look at the final night of the WSOP Main Event with the major focus on the heads-up battle between Hossein Ensan and Dario Sammartino. The guys also discuss the delay in the start of online poker in Pennsylvania and the latest controversy surrounding Maurice Hawkins and Phil Ivey.

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Ask Alex Episode 206 “WSOP REFLECTIONS”

Alex’s crazy 50% – 75% discounts on ALL his products if you use the coupon code ONEOUTER at checkout….. IS ENDING ON AUGUST 7th Full details are discussed in the show and you can find them in the Alex’s Store section at the top right of this page. Topics on this show include….. Barry and […]

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Is VPN’ing from the US Cheating and Exactly How Much Did Negreanu Win This WSOP?

Lance is on vacation, so it’s the Donnie and Jeff show for this episode of The Fives Poker Podcast. Donnie gets Jeff’s takes on the WSOP Main Event final table and the crew discusses if using a VPN to play online poker from the United States should be considered cheating or not? Plus, exactly how much did Daniel Negreanu win at the 2019 World Series of Poker? They’ve got the details.

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Druff & Friends Show – 07/22/2019 – If You’ll Listen to 6 Hours, You’ll Listen to 8

Druff runs very deep in WSOP Main Event, and talks about his experiences with eventual winner Hossein Ensan (topic starts at 0:25:40 mark). Main Event bubble clusterfuck occurs, including a missing min-casher (1:27:37). Unexpected “second bubble” mess occurs at 163rd place at Main Event (2:00:55). Jack Effel causes controversy with ruling/attitude in critical moment for Dario Sammartino close to Main Event final table (2:17:31).

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102 – Sandra Mohr – Filming The Poker Queens Documentary

In this episode, Sandra Mohr, a Hollywood director and producer who retired to travel in an RV and play poker, discusses why she recently reentered cinema. She shares her inspiration for the film Poker Queens and reveals some of the famous (and not-so-famous) faces we’ll see in it. Elliot and Sandra explore what holds women back in poker, what gives them an advantage, and how we all can practice evolved awareness on and off the table.

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 07-23-19 with Guest Greg Raymer Pt. 1

This is part one of Bernard Lee’s conversation with 2004 WSOP Main Event Champ, Greg Raymer.

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Never say you’re happy

For a brief moment, Andrew thinks he might stand a chance as a rapper. Busi shares with Andrew why saying you’re happy might be a bad idea and gives him alternative responses than “I’m happy.”
The post Never say you’re happy appeared first on Tells Podcast.

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Episode 83: WSOP Update with Leo Wolpert (Re-Broadcast)

This interview first aired in 2014 on the Poker News podcast stream. It was never available on the Thinking Poker stream, which is why we’re re-releasing it now. Leo Wolpert joins Nate and Andrew from Las Vegas to discuss safety … Read more…

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