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Ep 145 – Free Poker Network (FPN) Crushers

Joining the show this week are four Free Poker Network (FPN) champions to chat about what FPN is, the benefits of playing in FPN, and how to approach improving your play to move from free bar leagues to playing in casinos, including cashing in the WSOP Main Event as Joel Smith did.

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A dispute at the poker table

In this episode of the podcast, Andrew reluctantly participates in day 1 of the 7 day NYT Love challenge. We get an update on the 4 months to 40 ab endeavour and Andrew brings home some Friday night Wynn poker room gossip.
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Episode 25: PokerStars Player Championship Returns in 2020, Fall Tournament Series Overview, GGNetwork Unveils Smart Bet Sizing

The Pokerfuse Podcast comes to you live from sunny Barcelona, Spain where Nick and Mike talk about the return of the PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship in 2020.

The highly successful PSPC is coming back in 2020 and the guys discuss what information they have about the tournament and Platinum Passes. They also compare the original that took place in The Bahamas in January with the newly announced event that takes place next August.

The beginning of the fall online poker tournament series is upon us and the guys talk about what the top operators are offering and the massive prize pools that are being guaranteed.

GGNetwork has a new feature that provides players with custom bet sizing options at the table. Find out all the details and what this means for online poker.

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The Chip Race – Season 10 Episode 1 – Jason Mercier, Lee Davy, Jamie Kerstetter and Barny Boatman.

The lads are back for Season 10 and a curtain-raiser that stars one of the greatest players of all time, Jason Mercier. They turn the tables on writer and interviewer extraordinaire Lee Davy. The hilarious Jamie Kerstetter is back, this time to talk to Dara and David about how she butchered a hand on Poker After Dark. Poker legend Barny Boatman discusses his Hendon Mob days. Ian has all the news including results from the Unibet Belgian Poker Championships.

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Druff & Friends Show – 08/30/2019 – Don’t Eat the Fish

Ken Strauss, the WSOP penis-exposer, indicted on terrorism charges regarding late July incidents (topic begins at 0:22:55 mark). Druff explains how “bathroom troubles” lead to radio being a day late this week (0:38:55).

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August 30th, 2019 – Special Guest Lexy Gavin

On this episode of the Tournament Poker Edge Podcast, Clayton is joined by professional poker player Lexy Gavin. They discuss how she came up in poker, NYC underground cash games, her success at the World Series of Poker and of course they get in to some strategy.

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Data Mining, Calling with Kings and Loose-aggressive Tournament Players | Q&A Podcast #253

Show Notes for this episode: Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker player, coach and author. 

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PokerNews Podcast: Adam Pliska, EPT Barcelona Highlights

Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt might be in different countries, but that doesn’t stop them from putting out another action-packed episode of the PokerNews Podcast. Sarah brings you all the latest from one of the most popular spots of the year, EPT Barcelona!  

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77. Solving Dry King-High Boards

In this purely strategic segment, Pete breaks down a dry king-high flop in a Button vs. Big Blind situation using a poker solver and takes you through each player’s strategy step by step.

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Recap of AUPT at Atlantis in Reno

The Ante Up Poker Tour at Atlantis Casino in Reno has concluded and Scott has a report.

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Weekly Poker Hand #266

Hero flops the nut flush draw with a pair and rivers two pair. That is lucky! If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to sign up for a free 7-day…(Visited 6 time, 6 visit today)

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Ep 16 – Jeff Gross, Gerard Piqué, Our Top 3 Athletes Who Play Poker, And The 25k Platinum Pass

This week we start off with the news PokerStars is running their 25k Platinum Pass promotion again, giving $25k freerolls to poker players around the world. We then talk about EPT Barcelona and Gerard Piqué finishing 2nd in the high roller. That transitions into our Top 3 lists of favorite athletes who play poker. Nate’s #1 is the best. We are then joined by poker player/mogul/Michael Phelps’ best friend Jeff Gross to talk all about the Twitch life, Burning Man, Michael Phelps and so much in between. Lots of inside info in this one, enjoy!

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Poker Action Line 08/28/2019

BIG Dave and Joe discuss the travails of Phil Ivey, the announcement of the 2nd edition of the Poker Stars Players Championship, and the decisions involved with chopping at a final table.

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We’ve Got Breaking News: The PokerStars Players Championship Is Back!

Lance and Donnie are back for a new episode of The Fives Poker Podcast and they open the show with breaking news.

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Ep 144 – Steve Fredlund & the RecPoker Vision

Steve Fredlund is the host of the RecPoker podcast but not a big fan of talking about himself. Well, because of a guest cancelation, Steve decides to give the audience what they want, a bit more information about who this guy is. After sharing a brief bit of his story, Steve focuses on a clear communication of the vision of RecPoker to become a “Vibrant & Encouraging Poker Learning Community.”

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 08-27-19 with Guest Femi Fashakin

2019 WSOP Big 50 Champ Femi Fashakin is Bernard Lee’s guest.

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