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The Chip Race – Season 10 Episode 4 – Patrik Antonius, Laurynas Levinskas, Ryan Laplante and Kat Arnsby.

This week, Cash Game End-Boss Patrik Antonius talks to Dara and David about life in the nosebleeds and his new app ‘First Land Of Poker’. Lithuanian live and online star Laurynas Levinskas stops by. ‘Learn Pro Poker’ creator Ryan Laplante analyses his crazy hand versus Ali Imsirovic from the WSOP 50K. Kat Arnsby speaks eloquently on the mistakes being made marketing to poker players – the subject of her latest blog 'Poker Product Plodding Into Marketing Mire’. Plus, Ian has the news and results from the online and live poker world including last weekend’s Unibet UK Tour Brighton.

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Episode 100! And why Andrew’s still mad after 5 years

Episode 100 marks the end of season 1 of the Tells podcast. Busi and Andrew chat about doubt and the imposter syndrome when making things and how to discern your intuition from the imposter.
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Postflop Poker Podcast – Episode 91 – ICM and Push/Fold

Ben returns from his trip to Western Australia and his meeting with Captain Quayle, but is definitely a bit rusty when asked to explain ICM. Thankfully Merv is on hand to rescue him. Both hosts struggle without their trusty runsheet, which was deleted by Mike “The Eraser”.

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Episode 29: The end of MPN, Pending Pennsylvania, and Roads to the PSPC

In the pokerfuse podcast this week, Nick and Mike once again bring you three top stories from the world of online poker. To kick off the show, the surprise announcement of the closure of MPN is discussed.

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Survivor, Old School High Stakes Stories, Pokerstars Client Base Shrinking & More – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #48

This Week on DAT Poker Pod: Daniel, Adam and Terrence begin talking about hockey pools and author Al Alvarez passing away. Al wrote one of the greatest poker books of all time, “The Biggest Game In Town” in 1983 and the guys all share their thoughts on the book. Ronnie Bardah made his appearance on Survivor this week too, and Spoiler it was a brief appearance, the gang watched the episode and review his approach. Phil Hellmuth also ate an incredibly spicy chip and hilarity ensued. 

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PokerNews Podcast: Thirst Lounge Squad

Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt are together again for another episode of the PokerNews Podcast.  They discuss the top stories in the poker world, and leading off on the list, the sale of the Rio to a New York-based real estate company. What does that mean for the World Series of Poker? Plus, a full WCOOP recap, what stood out during the popular PokerStars series? And it’s another win for Vegas tournament crusher Eric Baldwin. 

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AUPT at Jamul Casino

Scott gives a report from the Ante Up Sweetwater Series, an Ante Up Poker Tour stop at Jamul Casino just outside San Diego. We also discuss the recent sale of the Rio and what it means to the World Series of Poker.

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Why are you 3betting? | Podcast #258

Show Notes for this episode: Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker player, coach and author.  Check out my YouTube Poker Training Channel Enable my “Daily Poker Tips” Alexa Skill for a daily 30-second poker tip in your Flash Briefing. United States Canada United Kingdom Australia India Twitter smartpokerstudy Instagram smartpokerstudy

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Druff & Friends Show – 09/27/2019 – Just the $10 Tip, Please

Rio Las Vegas has sold — what does that mean for the WSOP (topic begins at 0:25:25 mark)? Resort fees under bipartisan attack in Congress (1:04:41). Allen Kessler cries foul over $10 hidden fee of $400 satellite at Maryland Live (1:41:48). Phil Ivey reportedly once tipped $4800 on behalf of Nick Schulman for $200 massage (2:17:15).

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Caesars Sells the Rio, WCOOP Wraps Up, and Dealmaking on the WPT

Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters return for a new episode of The Fives Poker Podcast. This week, it’s all about Caesars selling the Rio and what that means for the WSOP, the WCOOP wrapping up, and dealmaking on the World Poker Tour.

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Weekly Poker Hand #270

Q-4s splashes around and makes trips by the river. Would you have played this situation differently? If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to sign up for a free 7-day…(Visited 1 time, 1 visit today)

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Ep 20 – ROUNDERS 2?!, Draymond Green Gets Owned, The Best WSOP Runs Of All Time, And Losing All Our Money In Crypto

We start today’s show by talking about the possibility of ROUNDERS 2 happening after the writer of Rounders put out a very promising tweet. We then talk about our top 3 favorite WSOP Main Event runs including Jamie Gold and reflect on some past final tables. We then talk about how to stay focused when you’re completely card dead and how to deal with that. Next we talk about Draymond Green on Poker After Dark and how Maria Ho stuffed him in a locker. Finally we are joined by friend of the program Alex Rocha to talk about terrible crypto investments and some good times we had in the online days. A very, very fun episode, enjoy!

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Poker Action Line 09/25/2019

Sheree Bykofsky, who has won several ladies events and written the book “The Kaizen of Poker”, joins the show. BIG Dave and Sheree discuss several ways to continuously improve your game. Dave also talk about the sale of the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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Top Pair Podcast 340: Back to the Home Game Grind

After a long time away from the home game felt, Bruce Briggs and Robbie Strazynski have some fun and interesting home game recaps to share. They also briefly discuss “the evolution of the home game,” where after starting out for small stakes, “suddenly” there seems to be a lot more money at the table. Approaching the show’s 10th anniversary, the co-hosts turn to the audience to give thanks, but also to get feedback for new ideas and segments to produce in the future and new interviewees to ask about their home game histories.

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 09-24-19

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Ep 148 – Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little is a player, coach, author, and entrepreneur who takes some time out to talk with Steve and the crew about playing against limpers in low buy-in tournaments. If you want to participate in these interviews, become a member through

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Episode 85: Finally in Las Vegas!

After a cross-country drive, Andrew has finally reunited with Nate in Las Vegas for the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event! The two are joined by Carlos to talk about a few hands Nate played in a preliminary 10-game … Read more…

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