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10: Podker EP10: Angus & Rob fly to Brisbane to shoot bullets in the APT tournaments and both have cashes! Plus we are joined by 2 Poker Hall of Fame legends

Graeme Putt
Lynn Gilmartin (@lynngilmartin)
Big thanks to the Australia Poker Tour for hosting us and look out for their next event in April 2020

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Poker Fraud Alert Radio – 02/07/2020 – Quoth the Maven, “Superuse More”

(Topic begins at 0:19:19 mark): Druff stranded after tire problem occurs late at night on the way to Vegas…. (0:39:15 mark): Druff recovers $500 stolen from now-deceased cancer patient Kevin “Racks” Roster in 2019…. (0:58:41 mark): Phil Galfond has a winning day, but then takes a huge loss in one-sided “Galfond Challege” match…. (1:29:18 mark): Who is “mindset coach” Elliot Roe?.... (1:59:54 mark): Commercially-available Poker Mavens software vulnerable to superuser modification by shady operators…. (2:34:58 mark): Troubled young poker pro Charles “Chao” Jiang passes away from likely drug overdose…. (2:58:35 mark): Update: Phony sportsbetting “expert” Rob Gorodetsky pleads guilty to embezzlement…. (3:05:35 mark): Update: Michael Borovetz sentenced for airport scam, but is he out of jail already?.... (3:26:24 mark): Rapper Nelly told “Get under my nuts” by fellow gambler during argument at Mohegan Sun table…. (3:35:43 mark): WSOP schedule almost complete, but some players are erroneously believing events were left out…. (3:57:18 mark): Report: New Sahara Las Vegas poker room will have no cashier…. (4:11:07 mark): Daily Fantasy Sports ruled illegal by New York State…. (4:24:38 mark): Macau casinos closing due to coronavirus scare…. tradershky co-hosts.

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February 7th, 2020 – Andrew Brokos Part Two

This episode of the Tournament Poker Edge Podcast is part two of Clayton’s discussion with Andrew Brokos. They discuss hands that Andrew played at the recent Borgata Winter Open.

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#33 Kristy Arnett: Creating Your Vision, Taking Risks, and Living a Better Life

I’m your host, founder of Brad Wilson and my guest today is the always incredible Kristy Arnett.Kristy has been in the poker industry for the past 15 years, starting off working as a reporter for Card Player magazine and then PokerNews.

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Use Well-placed Aggression to Put the Regs on Tilt

Show Notes for this episode: Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker player, coach and author.  Check out my YouTube Poker Training Channel Enable my “Daily Poker Tips” Alexa Skill for a daily 30-second poker tip in your Flash Briefing. United States Canada United Kingdom Australia India Daily Poker Tips is also a podcast, so look for it wherever you listen to podcasts. Twitter smartpokerstudy Instagram smartpokerstudy

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Galfond Challenge, Super High Roller Bowl Australia, and GPA Snubs

Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters return for a new episode of The Fives Poker Podcast to discuss the state of the Galfond Challenge between Phil Galfond and 'VeniVidi1993,’ recap the Australian Poker Open and Super High Roller Bowl Australia, and give their snubs for the Global Poker Awards.

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Episode 41: Brand Ambassadors for Online Poker Companies On the Move, Sunday Majors Overlay and Updates to the partypoker Software

There is more movement with online poker sponsored pros, Nick and Mike discuss the news and implications. The big three Sunday tournaments all failed to meet their guarantees this past week, the guys look at the extra value created for players and talk about the possible link to the Super Bowl. And, partypoker has released another batch of changes to its online poker software. Find out was is new and what is still in the pipeline.

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Coronavirus affecting poker world

FEB. 7 POKERCAST RECAP: Much of the poker world is reacting to the Coronavirus and we have a Mike Postle update. Also, Malcolm O’Mally plays a key role on the show, providing a complete O’Mally’s Move and the Hand of the Week.

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Should You EVER Raise In This Spot? ($1m For First)

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Ludovic Geilich is known for his aggression, but does he take it too far with 11 left in the Party Poker Millions UK Main Event? The Poker Guys break it down.

FLOP:Jd 8d 7s TURN: 7d River: Qs

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Ep 39 – The Feud With Norman Chad Continues, Brian Altman Joins The Show, Breaking Down The Galfond Challenge, Should We Become Vloggers, And More!

We start the show by talking about Norman Chad talking shit about Barstool once again and how he turtled in person when confronted about it (0:00-4:00). We then talk about the Galfond Challenge and how Phil is doing- spoiler: not great! (8:10-16:50). Next, tournament crusher Brian Altman joins the show (19:00-50:00) and drops a ton of knowledge and a huge bombshell about Nate’s WSOP Main Event run (43:50). Finally we talk about vlogging, the return of High Stakes Poker, and other good things to wrap it up.

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Brent and Remko break down the return of High Stakes Poker, their dream lineups, a lot of Super Bowl gambling talk, and the health and safety of the Galfond family. 00:30 – Brent & Remko break down the return of High Stakes Poker on PokerGO.

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Avoiding Difficult Spots – A Little Coffee Rebroadcast from 1-30-2019

Don’t avoid all of them! In this rebroadcast of A Little Coffee, I talk about avoiding difficult spots. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you have any…No visits yet

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Episode 171 – 06/02/2020 – Joseph Kahn

James and Joe are back with the first #PokerInTheEars of 2020. It’s been more than two months since they last recorded a podcast, and a LOT has happened since then. The boys recap their trip to Vegas, where James made two final tables (sort of), their unexpected live stream from #EPTPrague, their Christmas/New Year holidays, and Joe’s various losing sessions in Hollywood home games.

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224 – Alex Fitzgerald

We have returning guest, Alex Fitzgerald.  Alex gives away for FREE his 3 Hour Training Pack on 3 betting.  He has also put out a class Master Small Stakes Cash Games in One Class, and his tournament version, Master Tournament Poker in One Class. 

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Contextual Tension – Episode 169

More Great Poker Content!Sign Up for Solve for Why poker training and get 5% off using coupon code: JustJackJust Hands has a new membership program on patreon!

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 02-04-20 with Guest Richard Roeper

It’s Bernard Lee’s 5th Annual Academy Awards Preview Show with Richard Roeper. 

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#32 Ryan Schoonbaert: Specialization is For Insects (How you’re likely missing out on an MTT gravy train)

Ryan has been a POKER BATTLER since he was a mere 18 year old in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Always willing to mix it up, Ryan is the rare breed of poker player who is willing to sit down and play any variation of poker under the sun. For the first handful of years in his poker career, Ryan was a full-time live pro who never really caught the online bug..

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Episode 68 – Outcome Goals vs Process Goals

Welcome to Episode 68! MTT Coach Gareth James and Peak Performance Strategist Dr. Tricia Cardner are back discussing all things poker strategy & mindset. In this episode, we focused on the difference between process goals and outcome goals. We answered a question from a Facebook group member who was wondering if he should set a goal of ending each month in the black. We explained the difference between the types of goals and discussed when it makes sense to deploy each.

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Ep 165 – Dara O’Kearney

Steve Fredlund, Jim Reid, Rob Washam, John Somsky, & Chris Jones chat with Dara O’Kearney. Dara is involved in many poker-related things as a player, ambassador, and author, as well as an international distance runner. Follow at @daraokearny on Twitter to connect.

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Ep 38 – CASA BONITA, $3500 WPT Borgata Results, Chiefs +800, There’s No Air In Colorado, Food Poisoning, And More!

Today’s episode starts talking about Jake’s Super Bowl prop bets and having Chiefs +800. We then talk about Nate’s trip to Colorado including his attempts at snowboarding and his trip to Casa Bonita. Jake got food poisoning and then decided to wash it down with a milkshake. The boys go over how the WPT Borgata went, and talk about a few hands. Oh by the way Barstool is now valued at $450 million after an investment from Penn National so we talk about that. Plus lots more, enjoy!

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Poker Action Line 02/03/2020

Tony Burns, Seminole Gaming Executive, joins the show to discuss his new position, the recent Lucky Hearts Tourney, the upcoming Circuit Event at SHR Tampa, and the fabulous Guitar Hotel, which was the center of attention during Super Bowl week.

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E019: Joey Ingram Talks Galfond Challenge, Mike Postle, Andrew Yang, and More!

Our special guest this week is Mr. Papi GTO himself, Chicago Joey Ingram. Joe chats with the girls about Phil’s recent woes in the Galfond Challenge, his opinion of the ongoing Mike Postle saga, this year’s nominees for the Global Poker Awards, and Andrew Yang’s upcoming poker tournament fundraiser.

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