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Episode 108 – Cruz-ing to a Bluff Catcher

Welcome to Episode 108! MTT Coach Gareth James and Peak Performance Mindset Coach & Educator Dr. Tricia Cardner are back discussing all things poker strategy & mindset. The hosts started off by talking a bit about the fall WSOP & the potential it has given the pent up demand that likely exists for live poker. Then, they turned their attention to answering a hand history question sent in by Cruz where he questioned whether or not he should use his hand as a bluff catcher on the river. Topics covered include:● The importance of evaluating each street to determine the proper play● Why looking at your range from all perspectives is key● How to decide which hands would make good bluff catcher candidates

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The Chip Race – Season 15 Episode 1 – Rainer Kempe Josh Heinzl Anton Wigg Alex O’Brien

David and Dara are back from hiatus with a great show, starring Super Highroller Bowl champion Rainer Kempe. They are also joined by toy shop mogul turned heads up poker pro Josh Heinzl. Science writer Alex O’Brien stops by to discuss her BBC article ‘How a $10k poker win changed how I think’. For strategy, the lads welcome EPT champ Anton Wigg. Plus, Ian will have all the news.

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Poker Fraud Alert Radio – 05/21/2021 – Punitive Paypal

(Topic starts at 0:28:47): Chris Moneymaker, Ryan Feldman, Mike Matusow, others accuse PayPal of outright stealing tens of thousands from them…. (1:36:41): Veronica Brill’s hearing for attorney’s fees from Mike Postle delayed four weeks…. (2:01:03): $1 million in cash and chips stolen from Chad Power in nasty follow-home burglary…. (2:38:29): Cryptocurrency crash depresses many poker pros who are heavily invested in it, featuring call from “CryptoNinja”.... (3:28:19): Connecticut man wins $1.35 million in lawsuit against Foxwoods, in their own tribal court….

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Ep 277 – Forums: More Hold’em Variants

This week, Jim Reid leads the panel through a forum post about other ways to play No Limit Texas Hold’em. While battling it out against each other in the nightly home game, the panel discusses cash vs tournaments, MTTs vs STTs, field sizes, variance, shootouts, 'double or nothings’, turbos, sit and gos and more! Come sign up for a free account at today to see all the great comments and replies – and you can post a question of your own in the forum for the panel to review! Link:

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E081: Jaman Burton Sheds Light on Life as a Poker Vlogger!

Play poker at & support online poker’s future.Study poker at & support yours.Email suggestions to: TheRake@runitonce.comTimestamps:00:09Welcome Jaman Burton!00:48Do poker vloggers watch other poker vloggers’ vlogs?05:04How and when did Jaman get into the poker vlogging space?09:28Getting noticed in public:  Does the expectation to be “on” affect his motivation to play live, or the experience of playing live?13:45Self improvement:  Constantly working to be a better person.15:29How has his vlogging experience contributed to his sense of self-awareness and his motivation toward self improvement?1

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May 21st, 2021 – Venom PKO Hand Analysis Continued

On this episode of the Tournament Poker Edge Podcast, Clayton continues his discussion of hands from a recent deep run in the Venom $5M Guaranteed Progressive Knockout event on Americas Cardroom.

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Get Excited with this New Warm-up Idea: Watching Greatness in Action #341

Show Notes for this episode: Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker player, coach and author.  Check out my YouTube Poker Training Channel Enable my “Daily Poker Tips” Alexa Skill for a daily 30-second poker tip in your Flash Briefing. United States Canada United Kingdom Australia India Daily Poker Tips is also a podcast, so look for it wherever you listen to podcasts. Twitter @smartpokerstudy

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#144 Dara O’Kearney: Co-Host of Award Winning Poker Podcast “The Chip Race” & Best Selling Poker Author

Yoooo, welcome my friend to another episode of the “Chasing Poker Greatness” podcast! This is your host, the founder of Chasing Poker Greatness, Brad Wilson. Today’s guest is one I am SUPER pumped to welcome back onto CPG, the always thoughtful and articulate author of Poker Satellite Strategy & PKO Poker Strategy… the Co-Host of the award winning poker podcast “The Chip Race”... none other than Dara O’kearney. Dara is a lot of things. He’s a former Irish international ultra marathon-runner turned poker pro, an educator, a stable runner with past CPG guest David Lappin, a columnist, an extremely popular poker blogger, and (oh yeah) he’s also a world-class cardplayer.He’s also proof that it’s never too late to not only get into poker but to also compete at the very highest levels.

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140 – Vanessa Kade – The Power of Putting It All Together

As a self-taught coder, Vanessa Kade started her career in the video game industry. She discovered poker at the office, where her co-workers would regularly play a quick sit-and-go during lunch.  After years of grinding live games, Vanessa switched to online in order to give Twitch streaming a try. It was then that she realized she could no longer coast on intelligence alone and needed to put in serious work if she was going to be successful in the game.  After a “simulation-like” run that saw her speaking out against misogyny in the poker world and getting an ACR contract, Vanessa capped it off by taking down the PokerStars Sunday Million Anniversary Special for $1,514,920.  In this episode, Vanessa joins Elliot Roe to discuss the emotional roller coaster that played out like a fairy tale and culminated in the biggest score of Vanessa’s career. Click here to get the full show notes and resources from this week’s episode  

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LAG Plays You MUST Be Making

Chris and James continue the series on loose aggressive (LAG) play, they cover the plays you need to have in your repertoire. Everything from 3-betting light, isolation raises, squeezing, 4-betting light and more. Join the Red Chip Poker Discord:

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Did Jungleman Look Too Desperate Here?

Jungleman makes a move on Jonathan Duhamel in heads up play.

FLOP:8h 10c 4s TURN: 8d RIVER: 7c

Jungleman:KhJh Duhamel: KcQd

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Episode 214 – 20/05/2021 – Ryan Firpo

Joe has declared that, because of this episode, #PITE is now part of the MCU! The boys are joined by Ryan Firpo, the American film-maker who directed the poker documentary 'Bet, Raise, Fold’ (2013) and made a series of mini docs about members of Team PokerStars Online (including 'The Teacher’, featuring Felix Schneiders). Ryan is now working in Hollywood, and has co-written the screenplay for 'The Eternals’, part of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, directed by Oscar-winner Chloe Zhao. So, for this week’s show, James and Joe get to talk about two of their favourite subjects: poker and Marvel movies. Meanwhile, Martin Villasenor from California decides to re-live news events of 2020 (why?!?) in 'Superfan vs Stapes’. Please don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe to the podcast.

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GPInterview – Jessica Welman – Episode 7 – GPITHM Poker Podcast Network

Industry leader Jessica Welman sits down with Eric to discuss her recent successes on the felt, the current landscape of online poker, women in poker, Carson Palmer and Real Housewives. The duo also pay tribute to Jessica’s amazing mother, Dolores.

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PokerNews Podcast: Negreanu Predictions & Guests Mark Foresta & Keith Becker

On the latest special episode of the PokerNews Podcast, Sarah Herring, Jeff Platt, and Chad Holloway talk about an upcoming Mexican wedding, predictions for High Stakes Duel – Daniel Negreanu vs Phil Hellmuth Round 3, Las Vegas pandemic rebound, and recap the trio of World Poker Tour (WPT) final tables that recently wrapped. Toss in highlights from the MSPT South Dakota State Poker Championship in Deadwood, which awarded the coolest trophy in poker, breaking down how MISCOOP is outperforming NJSCOOP, Dan Buzgon capturing another WSOPC ring, and McLaren Racing partnering with partypoker and PartyCasino, and there are some entertaining stories to cover.

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#143 Carlos Welch: Co-Host Thinking Poker Daily, MTT Beast, & Back to Being Homeless

Welcome back my fine feathered friend to another episode of the “Chasing Poker Greatness” podcast. I’m your host, founder of Chasing Poker Greatness, Brad Wilson. Today the one and only Carlos Welch is back for the third time on CPG and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Don’t tell Andrew Brokos over at the Thinking Poker podcast but I’m secretly dreaming Carlos will reach out to me about being a regular co-host of CPG. He’s just the kind of dude that, once you get to know him, you wanna spend as much time with him as you possibly can. Unfortunately for your favorite podcast host, you’re about to learn that getting chances to chill out with Coach Carlos are rare opportunities indeed.As far as his poker credentials go…Carlos is an MTT beast who regularly battles in the biggest buy-in MTT’s on Ignition, he’s a writer for PokerNews and Tournament Poker Edge, and he’s also a co-host on the aforementioned Thinking Poker podcast.

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The Lock-In – Isaac Haxton

This week, poker legend Isaac Haxton is locked in and working out the chances of a player losing 13 heads-ups in a row.

Ike joins David and Dara for a wide-ranging conversation encompassing everything from scams to vaccines to prop bets.

The chat begins with the scamming allegation made by Dan Colman last week before moving to Hellmuth’s ‘hilarious’ victory over Daniel Negreanu which makes it a staggering 13 consecutive losses for ‘The Kid Poker’.

There is discussion of the vaccine rollouts in the US, Europe and in the rest of the world and its implication for poker and specifically the scheduled WSOP. Then there’s a conversation on Bitcoin mining and its energy implications.

The lads take a look at the motion being put forward by Pokernews for their upcoming debate, namely 'Do Ambassadors Have Moral Responsibility When Representing Unregulated Sites’. There is some talk and banter on the proposed Jason Koon sprinting prop bet.

The episode rounds out with Dara’s strategy nugget on check-raising backdoors and why you might be doing it too frequently!

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CardsChat with Barry Carter

On episode #38 of the CardsChat podcast, we have the pleasure of welcoming the longtime Editor of Barry Carter. Beyond the time he’s put in at his day job, Barry’s made quite the name for himself as co-author of four very well renown poker books, The Mental Game of Poker volumes 1 & 2 with Jared Tendler, and PKO Poker Strategy and Poker Satellite Strategy with Dara O’Kearney. On today’s show we’ll find out what drew Barry to a career in poker media, as well as find out a little bit more about his life outside of poker.

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Poker Action Line 05/18/2021

BIG Dave & Joe discuss the reaction of players and poker room employees to the rollback of Covid restrictions in Vegas and elsewhere. Also, results from two long-delayed WPT final tables are revealed as the finish of South Florida’s big tourneys were set to get underway.

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PokerNews Debate: Do ambassadors have moral responsibility when representing unregulated sites?

PokerNews Debate Series Topic: Do ambassadors have moral responsibility when representing unregulated sites? Sarah Herring moderates a debate between PokerNews editors Mo Nuwwarah and Jason Glatzer. They discuss some of the recent issues to come up in regards to seeing players like Chris Moneymaker and Vanessa Kade signing deals with ACR. The group look at Full Tilt, Ultimate Bet and some other scandals to rock the poker world. Plus they take questions from the chat about other issues of morality as they pertain to unregulated sites.

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Tactical Tuesday #27: Tough River Spots at 2kNL

On today’s episode, Coach Brad and Jon review two 3bet pots from Jon’s recent 2kNL shot take where Jon arrives at the river with bluff catchers and has to decide whether to call off the rest of his stack.New CPG Cash Game Courses!Preflop Bootcamp: in a Barrel: Flop Leads:

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 05-18-21 with Guest Tana Karn

Bernard Lee is joined by the president and founder of Run Good Gear, Tana Karn. 

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First Flag – Jonathan Little – Episode 27 – GPITHM Podcast Network

Roland is joined by his former partner in the booth, Jonathan Little, in this episode of First Flag. The two-time WPT Champion and jack of all trades in poker talks about his live debut in Tunica, reveals how he’s always been shut out in Australia and talks about collecting one of the rarest flags, the Turks and Caicos flag.

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Ep 276 – Chat: RecPoker Road Trips & the Return of Live Poker

The full return of live poker is around the corner and the panel talks about their experience during the pandemic and looking forward to the upcoming months. We also talk about the RecPoker Road Trips coming up May 22 (Fargo, ND), June 21-27 (Council Bluffs, Iowa), and the WSOP Las Vegas. We are so excited to be playing live and getting to finally meet all of RecPoker Nation!

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Ask Alex Episode 217 “How To Win The $250k GTD”

Alex has been a busy boy since we last spoke! He won the $250k GTD on ACR!! He has subsequently just launched his latest and brand new product. This one follows and dissects this latest win! How To Win The $250k GTD! He has kindly put this on sale in its launch week for […]

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Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade Featuring Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein LK030

Jennifer Shahade welcomes theoretical physicist, author and chess enthusiast Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein to Ladies Knight. Prescod-Weinstein’s new book, The Disordered Comsos: A Journey into Dark Matter, Spacetime & Dreams Deferred is our current Madwoman book club selection. The book is both an ode to her love for physics and astronomy, a tour of some high and lowlights…

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A Ten Dollar Chip on Your Shoulder – Episode 202

More Great Poker Content!Just Hands has a new membership program on patreon! Sign up to support the creation of more episodes and get access to our growing collection of premium podcasts. 5/10/203200 effectiveVillain raises to 60 from Hijack, I make it 240 with As9s from sb, villain calls.515 Flop Ah10c9d. Hero bets 240, villain raises to 660, hero calls.1835 Turn 8s Hero checks, villain bets 750, hero calls.3335 River 5dHero checks, villain jams for 1600, hero?

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254 – Cigars with Joe Baxter

Steve’s introducing one if his future best friends, cigar connoisseur Joe Baxter! After opening cigar shops in Arizona and Texas, Joe has migrated south to Nicaragua, where the cigars are good and housing is cheap. Perhaps he can teach Steve how to not spend his money on 'dog rockets’. Head over to to get in touch with us!

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Oh Mikita! What Are You Doing???

Mikita Badziakouski often surprises us with his decisions, and this hand deep in an online tournament is no different.

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