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#3 CPG Villagers: Moving to Texas to Shoot His Shot

Joe Johnson is an up-and-coming young gun who’s in hot pursuit of realizing his poker dream.He and his fiance have recently moved to the poker boom-state of Texas where he plans on daily battling on the green felt, building up his poker bankroll, and carving out a successful career in the world of cards.If you’d like to join up with Joe and all the other aspring poker pros who live in Greatness Village, be sure to visit GreatnessVillage.comEnjoy the show.

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Can The Billionaire Beffuddle Addamo With $3m At Stake?

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Michael Addamo is atop the tournament poker world, but can billionaire Bill Klein ruin his mojo in an EXTREME ICM situation?

FLOP:7h 10s Jc TURN: 7s RIVER: 8h

Klein:AhJd Addamo:QsQd

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Episode 117 – When You Have A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Nail

Welcome to Episode 117! MTT Coach Gareth James and Peak Performance Mindset Coach & Educator Dr. Tricia Cardner are back after a brief hiatus. After catching up on all the things (WCOOP & house moves), the hosts turned their collective attention to poker! This episode’s question came from a member of Gareth’s Facebook Group who is skeptical about the application of GTO to the fields he encounters.

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3. All the Guests feat. WorldWideWob, Jeremy Ausmus, Maria Konnikova, and Norman Chad

Remko and Donnie ventured out into the Amazon jungle to chat with a few guests for this episode of the podcast. On this show, Jeremy Ausmus talks about winning the first gold bracelet awarded this WSOP, New York Times best-selling author Maria Konnikova discusses being in poker and at the WSOP, Norman Chad catches us up on all of his donations, and Rob “WorldWideWob” Perez sits down for some poker, NBA, and Vegas talk.

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A Packed House on Day 2, $25k Fantasy & A Coffee Rant

Watered-down coffee can ruin someone’s day and Remko gives very specific advice to avoid this type of drama. Donnie delivers another excellent pizza recommendation for Las Vegas and the guys dive into the following poker-related topics on the second episode of the WSOP Podcast. Last night Day 1 of the $25,000 H.O.R.S.E. concluded with 73 entries, registration is open until the start of play today. Top stacks include Mike Matusow and John Monnette. The WSOP Podcast submitted their own line-up for this year’s $25k Fantasy league that somehow only has a $525 buy-in. Speculation on the long lines in the hallway and the field size of the $500 Reunion event that has a $5 million guarantee.

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PokerNews Podcast: The 2021 World Series of Poker is Underway!

On the latest episode of the PokerNews Podcast, Jeff Platt and Chad Holloway kick off the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP), which is underway now in Las Vegas! They also talk about Michael Addamo winning the $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl VI, Daniel Negreanu busting in Level 1 of that tournament, Niklas Åstedt winning the GGPoker Super MILLION$ for a record-tying fourth time, and Corey Paggeot winning three MICOOP events in four days. Special shoutout to the Golden Nugget, which kicked off their popular The Grand Poker Series in downtown Las Vegas this week.

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October 1, 2021 – Waking Up with Alex Fitzgerald

In this episode, Clayton catches up with Alex Fitzgerald, the Assassinato, who's on West Coast time. After joking about waking up early, the guys get into the latest trends in overbetting and what to expect at this year's WSOP. Plus, great strategy content, as always.The best place to learn from the best players and coaches in the game is 

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#181 Josh Arieh: $8 Million+ in Live Poker Tournament Cashes

Josh Arieh has been in and around the game of poker his entire adult life and has racked up more than $8.1 million in lifetime MTT cashes.I feel like I’m in danger of going full Troy McClure in this intro but you may remember Mr. Arieh from the time he got third in the 2004 WSOP ME (The year that past CPG guest Greg “Fossilman” Raymer went the distance), his two WSOP gold bracelet victories, or from the legendary bad beat he put on Bryce Yockey at the final table the $50k Poker Players Championship playing 2-7 triple draw.It was a particularly brutal hand where he busted poor Mr. Yockey despite being a more than 99% underdog.

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— Nate, Smitty & Mintz have an awesome conversation with poker superstar Maria Ho. We discuss our WSOP schedules, give away a coaching lesson with Daniel Negreanu & much much more!
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We’re Back!

Hello friends! The World Series of Poker is back from a lengthy hiatus and so is this podcast feed! Please enjoy six episodes per week from the Rio in Las Vegas as Remko Rinkema, Donnie Peters, and Brent Hanks deliver all the latest gossip, hot takes, and analysis from the 2021 WSOP. On Episode 1, Remko and Donnie get reacquainted and set the scene for what you can expect over the next 55 days from this show and the PokerGO team. Oh, and there’s pizza advice. 

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Philosophy 101 with Fedor Holz | Ep: 25

Quite simply, Fedor Holz is one of the best poker players of all time and one of the most emblematic players of poker’s modern era. At just 28 years old, Fedor has more than $32,000,000 in live cashes alone. What makes all of this even more remarkable, is that poker is just one string to Fedor’s bow. As Kara says in this episode, he’s a true modern day Renaissance man and he’s a dream guest on Heart of Poker.

Kara’s set of psychologist-designed questions were originally created to see if two complete strangers could fall in love. She’s adapted them a little, but they’re basically tailor-made for someone like Fedor, who is so naturally inquisitive, philosophical and self conscious in the best kind of way.

As you might expect, poker is just one small part of this episode. Fedor and Kara discuss NFTs and deconstructing the concept of art, the psychology behind helping other people, and the different ways we build communities. Fedor has clearly thought a lot about family and personal relationships, and his own have evolved significantly over time. He shares some of the things he’s discovered that work for him with Kara.

We do also find time for at least one great poker story, although maybe not one that Fedor wants to remember. It was his most embarrassing moment at a poker table, and it came at a high roller event in Monte Carlo.

Fedor Holz is a very familiar name to poker fans, but this is a side to him you certainly don’t see at the poker table. Don’t forget to check out our previous episodes, including with Ebony Kenney, Phil Galfond, Mori Eskandani, Jason Koon, Dominik Nitsche, Vanessa Selbst, Maria Ho, and more.

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Jan Philippi Interview – Psychologist and Poker Mindfulness Teacher #359

Visit the show notes page for links to everything we discuss: Looking for more poker strategy? Check out, my one-of-a-kind online poker training site. Watch FREE YouTube poker training videos Get fresh and free Daily Poker Tips Check me out on Twitter @smartpokerstudy

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Episode 225 – 30/09/2021 – Paul Schrader

Joe has been dropping Paul Schrader’s name for the better part of two years now. Finally, the writer-director of 'The Card Counter’ makes an appearance on the #PITE podcast. As James says on the show, Paul is one of the filmmakers who transformed American cinema in the 1970s, writing the screenplays for Martin Scorsese’s 'Taxi Driver’ and 'Raging Bull’, before going on to direct 'American Gigolo’ and 'Cat People’. Paul talks about his latest film, and why he wanted the protagonist to be a card player.

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What A Spot! 3 – Way Flop MASSACRE!

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An intense 3-way battle happens on the flop in a high stakes cash game on Hustler Casino Live. The guys break it down.


Nick:AcQd Rampage:KcQc Randall:Ah10h

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#181 Wayne Chiang: Former Owner of Live at the Bike & Starcraft World Champion

Today’s guest on Chasing Poker Greatness is a former StarCraft World Champion and the former owner of a little poker stream you may have heard of, Live at the Bike, Wayne “D22-soso” Chiang.Wayne has lived quite the life navigating the worlds of professional video gaming and then making the natural segue into the world of poker. It’s probably an overlooked quality of both aspiring professional poker players and long-time pros that an inordinate percentage of them tend to have had a major interest in some form of competitive gaming before venturing into the world of poker.

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Ep 316 – Chat: Dara O’Kearney on exciting new ICM news!

As well as being a player, long-time friend of the show and RecPoker collaborator Dara O’Kearney is a coach, author of two #1 best selling poker strategy books “Poker Satellite Strategy” and “PKO Poker Strategy”, and recently published “Endgame Poker Strategy: The ICM Book”. A very popular blogger, he also co-hosts the GPI Award winning Chip Race Poker podcast, the Lock-In on Youtube and he writes a free monthly newsletter on poker strategy. He has also commentated on The Irish Poker Open, The Unibet Open and at the WSOP. Dara became a Unibet Ambassador in March 2017.You can find out more about Dara on his RECing Crew page at and Dara is also active on Twitter as @daraokearney

We also go over this week’s home game results and discuss these topics:
WSOP roadtrip –
RecPoker Staking -

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The Grid 058.5 ft. Qiyu “Nemo” Zhou-King-Ten Suited

Jennifer Shahade welcomes Qiyu “Nemo” Zhou to the GRID. Nemo is a former World Youth Chess Champion, a streamer at and a professional e-sports player at Counter Logic Gaming. Since turning 21 in January, she has been sprinkling more and more poker into her main menu of chess and league of legends.  She even won a…
The post The Grid 058.5 ft. Qiyu “Nemo” Zhou-King-Ten Suited appeared first on The Poker Grid.

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Ep 101 – Daniel Negreanu Interview and Special Guest KB No Swag

On today’s very special show presented by 3Chi promo code ACES we are joined by none other than Kid Poker himself, Daniel Negreanu. He dishes on his WSOP plans (you’ll want to hear how confident he is!), on his battle with Doug Polk, his thoughts on Phil Hellmuth, how he stays mentally sharp while grinding the series, and what it’s like to play the high stakes games. KB No Swag also joins us to intro and outro the interview because why the f not? Happy WSOP week, everyone. Enjoy!

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Ask Alex Episode 218 “How To Final Table Everything”

In this episode, we talk about Alex’s upcoming Vegas trip to this year’s WSOP. We also answer the following listener questions……. Hand review of an age old “standard” coin flip situation deep in a tournament. *spoiler, remember nothing in poker is “standard”! Can you still make money being a nit? Alex has also just launched […]

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HU4Rolls – Lon McEachern and Norman Chad – Episode 9 – GPITHM Podcast Network

Roland is back with one of the most iconic duos in poker, Lon McEachern and Norman Chad, on this episode of #HU4ROLLS. The GPI Poker Awards Lifetime Achievement trophy recipients talk about how they first become broadcast partners, their move to CBS Sports and Norm makes sure to give us his hot takes on poker awards ceremonies!

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Ep 315 – Chat: Ryan Laplante on WSOP, LearnProPoker and Range Trainer Pro

Ryan Laplante is a WSOP bracelet winner, poker coach and founder of Learn Pro Poker. One of the most respected people in poker, Ryan is constantly looking for ways to improve his own game while making his top-notch training accessible to the less experienced player. Ryan has partnered with K.L. Cleeton and Range Trainer Pro to create a powerful solver that does both pre-flop and post-flop solves, which is a herculean effort.

Ryan is active on Twitter as @protentialMN

The RecPoker panel also welcomed Brian Raben who won the RecPoker VIP Tournament held on ClubWPT, earning him a $2,500 seat in an upcoming WPTDeepStacks event at Thunder Valley. Brian shares a bit about his experience playing the tournament.

The panel also chats about their ClubWPT experience, the results of the home games and many other community happenings including:
WSOP Vegas Road Trip –
RecPoker Staking -

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 9-28-21 with Guests Norman Chad & Lon McEachern

Norman & Lon sit down for a chat with Bernard Lee. 

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#46 Tactical Tuesday: Which size should you be bluffing on the river?

You’ve gotten to the river with a hand that has to bluff in order to win the pot. How do you go about deciding the best size with which to bluff? Should you go big, medium, or small? Should you use the same size in every situation? Find out how Coach Brad thinks through river bluff sizing on today’s episode!To learn more about the Free Nuffle promotion, visit: CPG Cash Game Courses!Preflop Bootcamp: in a Barrel: Flop Leads:

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The Mark Hoke Show #9 – The AEW Grand Slam/WWE Extreme Rules Week

It’s another edition of The Mark Hoke Show with Mark, Andrew “Fish” Fain and Future Stars of Wresting’s Joe DeFalco as the guys break down AEW Grand Slam including the Kenny Omega/Bryan Danielson match, a discussion of “Obvious Cooperation Spots”, the Chris Kanyon “Dark Side of the Ring” episode, Undertaker bullying accusations, another great “Snapcall” session and how did the guys do on their WWE Extreme Rules predictions?  Thanks for listening!


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Poker Action Line 09/27/2021

If you are heading out to the WSOP this week, BIG Dave & JoeRod pass along some tips on some things you must bring along… and a couple of things to leave home. Super High Roller Bowl gets underway, and a couple of predictions for the series, including whether players will like the “Flip & Go” event.

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24 – Professional Sports Betting with Chris Barton

This week, we have a Barton takeover! Steve’s brother, Chris, is joining the podcast to talk about his experiences in professional sports betting, poker playing, and car fixing. Daniel is now on solid US ground and already got the ball rolling for an accessory dwelling unit. Thank you for listening. Contact Miles Franklin to order precious metals.  Please tell them you heard it on “In it to Win it.”

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