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The Mark Hoke Show #55 – Boss & Glow Movin’ Out, Usos Moving Up & Flair Moving In

It’s another edition of “The Mark Hoke Show” on KDWN 101.5 FM/720 AM with Mark Hoke and Joe DeFalco of Future Stars of Wrestling!  The duo go over a huge week coming up in Las Vegas, the Sasha Banks and Naomi walkout, the Usos WWE World Tag Team Title unification, Ric Flair’s return to the ring, Stephanie McMahon’s departure and her comments on WWE being better than live sports and how can AEW draw more viewers.  Thanks for listening! 

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51 – Uranium Forecasts with Justin Huhn

Justin joins Steve once again to discuss the ins and outs of uranium, but not without analyzing the global economic situation first.

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#14 Philosophical Friday: Fun vs Profitability

This week Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas try to identify the two main incentives behind playing poker: namely having fun and being profitable. Are the two mutually exclusive? Are they at odds sometimes? If so, how does one find the proper tradeoff? Tune in to find out.

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50 – China Lockdown Creating Supply Chain Issues

China is closing it’s ports because of Covid-19. 1 in 5 container ships are stuck outside of congested ports. “Just in time delivery” has turned into “Whenever we get it.” This is going to get worse before it gets better. Here we discuss what to do about it. Links to articles: Here & Here Watch this on YouTube! Follow us on Social Media! Twitter: Contact Andy Schectman at Miles Franklin to order precious metals. Tell him you heard it on “In it to Win it” and Andy guarantees you the best price on silver and gold in the country. DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser, do not take this as financial advice. I only express my opinion based on my experience and your experience may be different. These videos are for educational and motivational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk.

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May 20, 2022 – GT NO!

Clayton reviews a few unconventionally played hands from the 2021 World Series of Poker Main Event.

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Ep 379 – Chats: Dnegs on WSOP, pro vs. rec style, how to learn poker, and more!

Daniel Negreanu is a multiple WSOP bracelet winner, WPT victor, and a member of the Poker Hall of Fame – and he’s here to talk about it all! This week Jim Reid and the panel interview Dnegs about his life coming up in poker, what he’s looking forward to for this year’s WSOP, how to study poker, common mistakes recreational players make, how to get the most out of your first trip to the WSOP, how important it is to maintain your focus and composure, and a lot more, including some personal details about his own life on and off the felt.

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PokerNews Cup, Hellmuth Wins, & Bekavac Talks Midway Poker Payout Debacle

In the latest edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Chad Holloway and Jesse Fullen discuss Phil Hellmuth’s victory over Scott Seiver in Round 4 of High Stakes Duel III, announce the upcoming PokerNews Cup June 24-28 at Golden Nugget Las Vegas, and preview the WPT Choctaw final table, which includes Chance Kornuth. Speaking of Kornuth, he pledged 1% of his winnings to Randy Gordon, a poker dealer battling cancer, and he is also selling Las Vegas mansion for $3.5 million, two stories also discussed in this episode. Chad and Jesse then talk about Jaret Villarreal winning a WSOP Main Event seat on ClubGG for the second year in a row, remember noted poker author and columnist Bob Ciaffone, and preview this weekend’s CSOP St. Jude “Against All Odds” charity event.  Finally, Chad sits down with Midway Poker Tour co-founder Dan Bekavac, who 19 months after a controversial payout debacle made affected players whole. Bekavac, a controversial figure himself who recently captured a record fourth MSPT title, talks openly about the situation for the first time. 

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Getting to Poker’s Fantasy Land #391

Visit the show notes page for a transcript of today’s episode: Get the Online Poker Hand Reading Workbook: Join the , my one-of-a-kind online poker training site with 9 masterclass courses that teach you how to play profitable online poker. Watch FREE YouTube poker training videos Get fresh and free Daily Poker Tips Check me out on Twitter @smartpokerstudy

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147 – K.L. Cleeton – Find His Way Through Poker

This week’s guest is K.L. Cleeton, a professional poker player and entrepreneur, who shares his experiences with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 as well as the mindset that is needed for overcoming challenges and impacting other people’s lives. We talk about how he got started with poker and the success that came with it, as well as how he shifted his focus to building a platform that’s helping poker players of all levels to improve and stay sharp. In this episode, K.L. Cleeton joins the show to discuss what mindset people need to set themselves up for financial success. Click here to get the full show notes and resources from this week’s episode

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#217 Jamie Staples: OG Poker Streamer & PartyPoker Pro

Today’s guest on CPG is one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world and PartyPoker sponsored pro Jaime Staples.As of this episode’s release, Jaime has cashed for over $1.5 million in combined online & live poker tournaments with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.Today’s conversation with Jaime is gonna travel to some uncomfortable territory as we have a frank discussion about invisible suffering hiding in plain sight all around us. Unfortunately, this is an area where your humble podcast host has infinitely more questions than answers, but that doesn’t mean it’s a topic unworthy of dragging into the light.It does beg some uncomfortable questions, though:If you catch Poker Greatness, what can you DO with it that helps alleviate the suffering of your fellow man?

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CardsChat with Ryan Feldman

On episode #85 of the CardsChat podcast, we have the pleasure of welcoming Ryan Feldman. Ryan is one of the true innovators and heavyweights in the poker streaming world, having worked for many years on Live at the Bike, and now quickly developing Hustler Casino Live into one of the major players in streamed poker broadcasts. With constantly star-studded lineups including a recent stream that saw Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan join some of the biggest influencers from gaming and YouTube, Ryan has created must-see viewing for any poker fan. On this show, we get to know him a little better.

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Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Jessica Era Martin LK042

Jennifer interviews author, chess coach as well as a longtime friend of Jen’s, Jessica Era Martin, to Ladies Knight. Jessica is the founder of Over the ChessBoard, a coaching organization dedicated to bringing chess everyone. A published poet and frequent contributor to chesskid, she’s also the author of several books, including two 2022 titles, Chess…

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Ep 136 – We Convince Chance Kornuth To Play The $100K WSOP + Mintzy Had A Meeting With Dave Portnoy

Welcome back! On today’s show we are joined by MTT crusher Chance Kornuth, who is currently at the final table of a WPT with $486k for first. We shoot the sh— with him for a while about his poker career, some bad beats, degen’ing it up, and moving out of Vegas. He’s such a humble, chill guy who is killing the MTT scene right now with unbelievable 2022 results so far. Before he hops on we do a little inside Barstool chatter, particularly Mintzy’s relationship with Dave and Smitty’s as well. Make sure to check out Chance’s training site, Chip Leader Coaching. Enjoy!

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#77 Tactical Tuesday: Jon Gets Jammed On

On this week’s episode, Coach Brad and Jon take a look at two tough spots where Jon’s opponents wager their entire stacks.

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Ep 378 – Chats: Alec Torelli on getting the most out of poker!

This week Jim Reid and Kim Kilroy chat with Alec Torelli about the last 20 years of poker, and how he gets the most out of it as part of a full, balanced life. They discuss how important passion and pleasure are to success, how learning poker is like learning a new language, some great free resources to improve your poker game, how recreational players can turn the tables on some regs, some tips for folks playing their first WSOP main event – and a lot more!

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 5-17-22 Tribute for Warren “Grumpa” Griffith

Bernard Lee pays tribute to Warren “Grumpa” Griffith. 

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