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Chapter 2 Ep. 10 Familiar Places

This week we are back in Virginia. We had our March Patreon Game last night. There were some new faces, but familiar faces took down the prize. Elle and I talk cruise info. It’s up on the website, see the link below. We also recap some changes in stories that have developed since our last conversation on them. Elliott rules on a situation presented by Matt Savage. Patrick and I break down a hand with pocket queens. Then I end the show with my One-Outer about playing poker in familiar places.

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March 22, 2024 — Deepstack Extrava-HANDS-a!

Clayton Fletcher (@claytoncomic) takes a look at the upcoming summer series at the Venetian All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Fabulous Las Vegas before diving into some serious tournament strategy.

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Nik Airball 20-Minute Tank, Pet Peeves & Corey Eyring’s Quest for $1,000,000

In the 822nd episode of the PokerNews Podcast, Chad Holloway, Mike Holtz & Kyna England come to you from Level 9 Studios in Las Vegas to discuss the latest poker news, stories, and gossip.  That includes Nik Airball’s 20-minute tank in a big hand on The Lodge Poker Live Stream, which prompted Doug Polk to take action. That led into a discussion on pet peeves at the table, and in Mike’s case, the pet part is quite literal. The crew also plays the first edition of PokerNews Plinko, discusses Chad’s poker thrift store “Tweet of the Week,” and talks about the current state of poker given Bitcoin is at an all-time high. From there, they dive into the wild journey of poker vlogger Corey Eyring, who is risking his entire net worth in an attempt to win $500,000 by the end of the year. Whatever amount he ends up with, the plan is to place it all on a single roulette bet of either red or black. Chad chatted with Eyring about his crazy quest and highlights various clips throughout the episode. Finally, the crew once again touches on Kevin Martin’s 24/7 stream while attempting to win $5,000 playing online, which came to an unceremonius end. Did you know the PokerNews Podcast is no longer just audio? That’s right, we’ve added a video show as well that you can view on the PokerNews YouTube Channel.

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Ace High Hero Calling in a Massive $2,700 Pot

Today on Tactical Tuesday Coach Brad makes a pair of Ace High Hero calls for all the money, as well as hero folding with two pair.

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Motivate Your Poker Studies With The $10,000 Question #482

The $10,000 Question: Can you do this for $10,000?If so, do it for the promise of better skills and a far more profitable lifetime poker journey.

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PGT Mixed Games Recap, Texas Poker Open Preview, and Tice vs. Becker

Donnie and Ducky are back to put a bow on the 2024 PGT Mixed Games Series, preview the upcoming Texas Poker Open at Champions Club, and discuss the heated crossbook bet between Landon Tice and Jeremy Becker. 

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The Poker Robot · S6E16

Who would win between the robotic poker grinder and the intuitive player? Which approach should you model in today’s games? This episode of the podcast looks at what has traditionally been viewed as two opposing schools of thought, and synthesizes them into a winning strategy. RELATED LINKS GTO Poker Gems (Book Homepage): Should I Play GTO Poker?:

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