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Chapter 2 Ep. 18 Women Crushing

Elle and I celebrate the 17th of May for our Norwegian friends by tasting Maker’s Mark blondies. Here is the recipe. We talk about women crushing it at the WSOP-c Commerce and the return of the Big Game.  I also went to play in my typical home game and it got us thinking about how listeners can use their home game to send someone to the Ante Up Poker Cruise.

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May 17, 2024 — UnDURRRstandably Cautious

Clayton Fletcher (@claytoncomic) continues his obsessive fanboying of ACR pro Tom “Durrr” Dwan, reviewing more hands from Day Three of the 2023 WSOP Main Event.-

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Chris Moneymaker Binks, Phil Hellmuth Turns 60 & Missed Overlays

In the 830th episode of the PokerNews Podcast, which is sponsored by 888poker, Chad Holloway, Mike Holtz, and Kyna England are at Level 9 Studio in Las Vegas to talk about Chris Moneymaker winning the Triton Super High Roller Series Montenegro Event #1: $25,000 NLH for a huge $903K score.  They then show and talk about Arden Cho getting felted four times in five hands on Hustler Casino Live (HCL) and Phil Hellmuth celebrating his 60th birthday two months early in Las Vegas with his “Billionaire Bestie Bash”. Several big names made appearances including NBA star Draymond Green and world conqueror Elon Musk. Hellmuth shares various clips from his birthday festivities, which you can watch in this new episode. From there, the crew talk about a jam-packed weekend of tournament action that may have been too busy resulting in two massive overlays at The Lodge in Texas and Borgata in Atlantic City.

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How I Will ATTACK My Downswing #489

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Previewing the Bet MGM ARIA Poker Classic with Ryan Kirk and Paul Campbell

Ryan Kirk and Paul Campbell sit down with Donnie and Ducky to preview the 2024 Bet MGM ARIA Poker Classic, including one-day mystery bounty events and a juicy Championship guarantee. 

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Whiffing the Flop With AK

Learn how the CPG Wolves navigate postflop after 3betting AK and then completely whiffing the flop. Tune in to hear how Coach Brad and Jon teach their CFP students the best way to play AK in this tricky situation.

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