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Winning Workbook Study Methods

There are few better ways to develop poker skills than to drill through tricky spots away from the table with a poker strategy workbook. James 'SplitSuit’ Sweeney has authored several such workbooks, and he joins us on this week’s podcast to give a behind-the-scenes look at how they come together, as well as tips for getting the most out of them. You’ll find strategy workbooks to be invaluable in gaining experience and intuition, as well as a comparatively cheap way to make mistakes before you deal with the spots you study off-table in real life with real stacks.

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PTP17 – It’s Raining Scum

Abe Limon joins our hosts for a no-holds barred discussion of scummy behaviour in the poker world and elsewhere. Discussion of the Matt Kirk/Leon Tsoukernik controversy segues into analysis of the endless procession of sexual assault allegations coming out currently. The next topic is tax deductible charity, both its virtues and its frequent abuses. The show ends on a more positive note, with a breakdown of a PokerStars Power Up hand.

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Pokercast 481 – Negreanu vs. Woods Twitter Beef, Loose Leon & Aussie Matt

On this episode of the Pokercast: Lots of poker world drama between Daniel Negreanu & James Woods, plus Leon Tsoukernik & Matt Kirk can’t settle another huge debt.

To begin the guys chat about AM radio before we jump into the news. Leon Tsoukernik is again front and centre after yet another handshake deal (for $3 Million this time) goes wrong, the lender was Aussie Matt Kirk. We break down the report provided by Rob Yong and what we know about the deal. Then Daniel Negreanu calls out actor and recreational poker player James Woods for his reported sexual misconduct, we talk about the twitter reactions from the controversy.

Other stories include Party Poker removing their account inactivity fees. We then get into 140 (280?) or less with some great tweets from the last week, and your Mail! We get to some questions about Chris Ferguson potentially data mining Full Tilt and Poker Pro appearance fees before we wrap things up.

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Fan submissions

Our listeners tell us some of the cool things they do in their home games.

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Druff & Friends Show – 11/15/2017 – Asking Action Ashley

Leon Tsoukernik fires back at criticism, more info comes out regarding accused bet/loan welching. “Action” Ashley Hine comes on the show to do a tell-all about her time as an affiliate for Jao Poker. Chris Ferguson is WSOP Player of the Year. James Woods calls Daniel Negreanu “a cowardly piece of shit” on Twitter. New member on PokerFraudAlert claims to be a “poker debt collector”, but is this a good or bad thing? Is Tom Dwan engaged? Mob figure sentenced for involvement in Brooklyn underground poker game. Israel starts to go after poker tournament players who reported income as “gambling winnings”. Pokerstars poker-related revenue has fallen to 67% of their total revenue. Caesars Seven Stars can receive $1200 in rewards credits for taking 2017 “annual trip” to Vegas.

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Poker Action Line 11/15/2017

BIG Dave and Joe wrap up the WSOP Europe Series and talk about the controversy surrounding the owner of the host casino for the event in the Czech Republic. The guys also also keep up with current events including the WPT Montreal tournament and the Rock 'n Roll Poker Open at the Seminole Hard Rock.

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Ask Alex Episode 153 “The Train Journey Is The Reward”

This is Episode 153  of “Ask Alex” on the podcast. TAlex talks us through his recent run in WPT Montreal, lots of great nuggets thrown in! We also get to a listener question on the old Hellmuth strategy of turning up in later levels of tournaments.

Plus we have a special guest make an appearance at the end of the show!!

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Postflop Poker Podcast – Episode 47 – First Major Live MTT

Merv gets a Dutch lesson, Ben is quarantined and Mike recalls a painful moment from his past: “You broke my will, but what a thrill, Goodness gracious great balls of fire! “ For the PPP Poser, the team offer advice to a listener on how to cope playing in a large event having qualified through a satellite. Then the stratchat (17:02) features a micro stakes cash game hand from a listener

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Top Pair Episode 296, November 18, 2017

Winter Came – Winner Of A Setup Of J Design Cards. From Podcast Co-Host To Mountain Landscape Photographer, Eric Makes A Transition. What Happens When A 3 Time WSOP Bracelet Winner Comes To Your Home Game? Eric, Bruce & Robbie Reminisce About Their Favorite Episodes, Segments & Home Game Memories. Top Pair Moves To The BIG TIME! Our New Platform As Part Of The PokerNews Family! We May Be Moving But We Want You To Come Along – Get The Details.

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So Sick…

In this episode, Busi has to run the show while Andrew nurses a man-cold. They discuss their first visit to Austin, Texas,  the alarming number of sexual assault  allegations sweeping the nation and Andrew’s upcoming juice fast.

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Step One, Get Lucky, Step Two, Get Value w/ Special Guest Sky Matsuhashi – Episode 102

More Great Poker Content!

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 11-14-17 with Guest Bryan Piccioli

This is part two of Bernard Lee’s chat with the 6th place finisher at the 2017 WSOP Main Event, Bryan Piccioli.  

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In-game Poker Mindset Techniques | MED #10 Class 2 | Poker Podcast #165

P.R.E.P. for Poker Success (2:30) Present in the Situation Results Don’t Matter EV Mindset Patience is Rewarded In-session Actions (12:10) Practice a Strategy Speak Through Your Actions  

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146 – Steve and Mike: Poker, Bitcoin, Life

Steve and Mike catch up on the latest, both moving into different houses, Mike telling us about his latest ups and downs, talking about the recent Bitcoin news and consiparcies and teasing the next week’s episode with Phil Hellmuth.

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