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Holdem & Holdups – Gambling on Greenville (with guests Doyle Brunson & TJ Cloutier)

This week’s show focuses on an old Texas underground poker room that featured some of the best players in the game. While there may have been plenty of cash won, it wasn’t always easy to make it home with the winnings.

Players traveled the state for action – dodging the law and crooks along the way. This episode also features some insight on the old days from poker legends Doyle Brunson and T.J. Cloutier. Sit back, relax, and take a trip into poker’s past.

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Pokercast 491 –  Poker Awards, Trip Report and Weight Bet Completion!

This week on the Pokercast: A Schwartz completes the weight bet! Plus a trip report from the American Poker Awards and LA cash games.

To begin Adam and Terrence break down the final stages of the 150 challenge, the celebration and plans for the future. Adam also made a quick trip to Beverly Hills for the poker awards where we were nominated for best poker podcast. He reviews the awards and also the all night cash session with some hand review from PLO, NLH and LHE games. Then we’ve got some tweets in 140 or less plus more of your mail. Mailbag topics include: Parlaying the weight bet money into march madness, defense of Norman Chad and how to keep your home game in order. 

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Profitable Strategies For 5 Common Preflop Spots

In one of the most value-packed episodes of the Red Chip Poker podcast to date, Adam 'w34z3l’ Jones breaks down strategies and tactics you can use in each of five common preflop spots. You’re going to encounter these spots in practically every session you play, and Jones breaks down dozens of specific considerations and tactics for each spot. This episode is an audio excerpt from a training video included with CORE, Red Chip Poker’s new poker strategy training experience

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PokerNews Podcast 482: GPI American Player of the Year Bryn Kenney

Bryn Kenney joins the podcast and Sarah couldn’t be happier. Sarah and Brent chat about the American Poker Awards results, Jake Cody’s roulette spin, and whether poker streamers or celebrities make better poker ambassadors.

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Druff & Friends Show – 02/28/2018 – Fifty Shades of Junk

PFA introduces alternate URL pokerfraud dot com. khalwat attempts to bribe listeners to send obscene texts to Druff. JaoPoker reopens, claims it will process withdrawals & has new owners. Raymond Davis checks in. baduy23 calls in after texting Druff a picture of his penis.

Vanessa Selbst reported to HR at her new company for inappropriate behavior at social function. Jennifer Tilly raises eyebrows due to politically incorrect Oscars-vote Tweet. Leon Tsoukernik’s counterclaims against Matt Kirk thrown out in court. Doug Polk, Negreanu both snubbed at American Poker Awards, shortly after another Twitter flap. Bellagio cook steals lobster tails, gets arrested. Dennis Hof’s “Love Ranch” shut down by officials. Bally’s poker dealer caught stealing from pots, gets job at Bellagio after firing. Always bet on black? Poker player fires entire $60k tournament win on single roulette spin. Poker player Micah Raskin busted in New York with 360 pounds of pot. A river runs through it: Horseshoe Southern Indiana shuts down due to Ohio River flooding. Pokerstars (The Stars Group) buys majority share in Crownbet. khalwat and tradershky co-host.

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Poker Action Line 02/28/2018

Josh Leichner, the technical poker consultant of the film “Molly’s Game”, joins BIG Dave and Joe for an illuminating discussion of the movie in the days before the 2018 Oscar’s.

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Andrew’s Feelings

In this episode, Andrew and Busi delve into Andrew’s feelings about the American Poker Awards, experiencing first world problems in South Africa and playing with baby lions.

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 02-27-18 with Guest Richard Roeper

Film critic Richard Roeper joins Bernard Lee for his annual Academy Awards Preview Show. 

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Ep 068 – Big stack early & middle of tournament

In this episode we address a question from rec player Don Dukate: I sometimes get a big stack early, maybe first three levels. I was looking for input how to play the big stack. Do you apply more pressure, see more flops, or other? I don’t seem to capitalize on this advantage and am not sure what should be my overall approach; or changes to my current approach.

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160 – Steve and Mike

As Mike paves his way to becoming a full time poker pro and Steve enjoys his newfound freedom, excideeing his weekly poker sessions, the dynamic  duo once again share their recent life experiences and go into in-depth analysis of some of their strategy hands. Skip over to 23:10 to get to the strategy section.

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Always bet on black

A poker player in the U.K. bets all of his $60K winnings from a high roller on the roulette wheel.

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The 7 Steps to Finding and Plugging Online Poker Leaks and 2018 Goals Progress | Podcast #178

Online Poker Leaks Plugging (2:30) 7 Steps to Finding and Plugging Leaks (4:25) 1. Be Aware Of and Identify the Leak 2. Define the Leak (5:30) 3. Calculate the Cost and Define the Quantifiables (6:55) 4. Study (8:45) 5. Purposeful Practice (11:25) 6. Session Review (12:20) 7. Record the Quantifiables and Repeat Steps 3-6 as necessary (13:40) My 2018 SMARTER Goals Progress (14:35) Challenge (19:20)

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Jack Plays Poker – Episode 117

More Great Poker Content!Check out the last Solve For Why Vlog featuring Jack and Zach!Learn about our new partners, Solve For Why!Caeser’s Palace2/5

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