Bet 365 First to Launch with Native Mobile Casino App Developed by Playtech

Last week Bet365 became the first online gaming site to launch Playtech’s new native mobile casino app. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices in the app store. Current Bet365 players can switch to the native Playtech app through the update function in their current Bet365 mobile casino app.

The new native app was developed by Playtech to exclusively run the company’s products on Playtech platforms, and features proprietary games and a native lobby. The new mobile casino app has already received hundreds of positive reviews, and boasts a five-star rating.

In a press release, Shimon Akad, COO, Playtech, said: “Research, including a recent Nielsen report, suggests that 89% (vs. c.11% browser) of time on mobile is spent in-app, supporting the theory that native apps are what players want to use when gaming.”

“Playtech has invested significantly in native technologies, backing up our strategy to provide the best solutions for our partners and their players. The instant and sticky native play functionality and new features will ensure our licensees can drive player values and make our new app the best on the market today.”

The benefits of Native Apps

Wikipedia defines a native app thusly: “In computing, software or data formats that are native to a system are those that the system supports with minimal computational overhead and additional components.”

The best way to think of the benefits of using a native app is in terms of your cell phone charger. Almost without exception, the charger designed for your specific device will work better than a generic charger that works for multiple devices.

Native apps restrict use, but because they are specifically designed for a particular platform or device reliability, speed, functionality, and personalization are increased, thereby providing a better user experience.

As Christian H. Bogstrand, chief executive of Bet365’s Gibraltar subsidiary Hillside Limited, said in the press release announcing the launch of the app, “We have worked closely with Playtech on the development of the new Casino native app, ensuring we provide high quality content with a much faster and improved gaming experience.”

According to the press release, load speeds are three-times faster than HTML5, and users can access more than 100 games in mere seconds, including classic casino titles and all the latest Playtech slots.