Europe and US Poker Shift Europe and US Poker Shift
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Poker has always been a quintessential part of the casino dynamic and when casinos moved online, it remained integral to the makeup of online casinos. Any casino worth its salt will offer at least one form of poker game, with top-quality casinos offer several tables in different styles, and you learn how to play poker at Right now is the perfect time to learn as there has been a switch in pokers popularity from one side of the Atlantic to the other. In Europe, where it used to have a thriving market, it is on the decrease but in the US, it is more popular than ever. Carry on reading to find out why.

Laxer US Laws

In the US previously, the laws surrounding online gambling were pretty draconian and finding a site offering any form of online gambling was a rarity. This has changed over the last couple of years with more and more states deciding to legalise gambling in one form or another and the game that seems to get the green light first is poker. Many states where betting is becoming less of a taboo, they now permit poker games, both live and virtual. One of the most interesting developments in this respect is the union between different states in this legislation. Players from Las Vegas and Delaware, for example, can play in shared online poker forums from the other side of the country.

European Migration

While there were a handful of online casinos that US players could play at, they were far from high-quality and were sub-par in comparison to the offerings available in Europe. As the popularity of online casinos grew in the US and it became more welcomed, some more innovative and well-recognised European Casino brands saw that gap and decide to infiltrate it and open their doors to US market.

What they brought with them were high-quality poker games that Europeans had been enjoying for years. This attracted a whole new generation of poker players who could enjoy a better quality of gameplay at these new casinos. There are already several well-established European brands who have acquired necessary licensing and offer their services to US players. While many more are setting their sights on the US poker market.

Big Name Success Stories

Nearly 15 years ago, Chris Moneymaker qualified for the World Series of Poker via an online poker tournament and took home a tidy $2.5 Million sum. An event that revolutionised poker and has since been known as the “Moneymaker” effect. Since then, countless other online competitors have tried to follow in his footsteps and emulate his successes. While few have been quite as successful, many have definitely come close to emulating the Moneymaker and have accumulated substantial wealth playing poker online. Helped along by other poker influencers, such as Dan Bilzerian and his obscene wealth and glamorous lifestyle, success in online poker games has become the new America Dream.
Why exactly poker has gained precedence over other casino games though is unclear. Perhaps it is the skill involved compared to RTGs, its glamorous appearance in movies or the popularity of WSOP events. Whatever the reason, many US citizens are flocking to the play poker at an online casino and you could be the latest to benefit.