NYX Approved in Three Canadian Provinces

NYX Gaming Group

Las Vegas based NYX Gaming Group has reason to celebrate after receiving approval from gaming regulators in three provinces in Canada earlier this month.

The global provider of online casino, bingo, lottery and sportsbook content announced that it has received the green light to offer its products and services in the Canadian Provinces of British Columbia, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

“Satisfying the comprehensive conditions set out by the gaming regulators and authorities across these Provinces is testament to our long term strategy to operate at the highest levels in regulated gaming worldwide,” commented Matt Davey, CEO NYX Gaming Group. “The approvals pave the way to expand our footprint with gaming content and sportsbook services across Canada. Our underlying product focus is now the cornerstone of our new operating model and strategic vision,” he continued.

British Columbia

Approval in British Columbia came in the form of a registered “Gaming Service Provider” from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation by British Columbia Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch (GPEB).

The GPEB is responsible for regulating all gaming in British Columbia and looks to revenue from gaming to “provide key services, including health care and education, to people and supports economic development in local communities throughout B.C.,” according to the government web site.

Commercial gambling in British Columbia generated $2.9 billion in 2014/15, not including horse racing. After winnings were paid out and expenses reimbursed, the government netted more than $1.25 billion in revenue which it used to support the people of the province.

Government funded programs that benefited from gaming revenue included responsible gambling education and problem gambling services, health care services, local economic development projects, local community organizations and research and the operations of the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch itself.

$9.3 million in funds made its way the federal Canadian government under a provincial lottery agreement, and $9.6 million was funneled into the horse racing industry.


Loto-Québec doled out the approval for NYX in Quebec where the regulator puts a strong emphasis on responsible gambling.

Listed as the organization’s top priority, Loto-Québec takes responsible gambling seriously by encouraging moderation when playing online. The regulator makes the following tools available for players to try to keep the games fun while reducing the risk that a problem can develop: weekly deposit limits, periodic spending limits, timeout periods, self-exclusion lists and stringent age verification methods.

Nova Scotia

Approval in Nova Scotia came in the form of a Lottery Equipment Supplier designation. NYX was approved by the Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division.

The regulator in Nova Scotia makes it a point to emphasize the importance the role of the gaming industry plays in supporting the common good. Though responsible gaming is a leading cause that drives regulation, the ability for gaming operators to maintain a sustainable business model is also viewed as an integral part of the process that ultimately serves the public.

“Since our initial public offering at the end of 2014, the journey at NYX has been underpinned by our view on the technology, content and capabilities required to capitalize on the pace of growth in regulated online gambling worldwide,” Davey added. “We look forward to providing world-class content and technology across these Provinces and working closely with their respective gaming regulators and authorities.”

Players looking to participate in online gaming in Canada can find reviews of the online casinos, such as those found at this website, to be a starting place in making the right choice of which gaming operators to patronize, which games to play and how to make sure they have a safe fun experience when considering gambling online.

In 2016, NYX’s Open Gaming System (OGS™) was recognized as the 2016 Platform of the Year.

January 26, 2017