Online poker popularity gets bigger every year. With the effect of COVID-19, the volume of users playing online poker games has increased. Poker like other gambling games promises an opportunity to win big, to boost your earning capacity.

Many players dream about earning big from poker. With experience, you will discover the hard way that you can’t always triumph in poker. Good players know this and instead look at making their winning margins greater than losing margins.

To start your poker journey, or to continue from where you left it, nettipokeri offers a unique poker experience. You get reviews of the best poker games site and useful tips on how to play (even if you are not a beginner). In a world of many voices (poker gaming sites) screaming for your attention, it is of huge advantage to using a reputable poker authority to screen your options.

Here are some top poker strategies used by experts to maintain a winning margin. If you follow these poker tips, you will lose some (an inevitable reality), but you can win more.

1. Learn Basic Strategies
If you don’t understand the game or have some defined strategies you can rely on, you are setting yourself up to fail. Yes, there are elements of luck in the game of poker, but banking on good fortune alone is a recipe for disaster.
Poker rules are mostly the same both online and offline. Acquaint yourself with the rules of the game and the basic strategies before you start playing.

2. Use Free Poker Sites to Get Familiar
Yes, you may have read all about the game of poker, played some poker games with your buddies (and won), but that doesn’t mean you should start wagering money yet. Online poker sites offer free play money options that could help newbies get acquainted with online play.

Even if you are a master according to your calculations, these free sites can help you understand how to find the games and formats that you want and how to use the sites controls to do things such as bet, raise, call and fold.

3. Start at Low Stakes
When you are just starting, don’t start at big money games. It is better to start small and increase your stakes as you earn. Patience is a necessary virtue in the game of poker. With experience, you can make better decisions than when you are a novice. It makes no sense to risk your entire bankroll so early in your poker journey.

All the great players you watch playing in international tournaments didn’t start in a day, it took them years of practice to become the players they are. You don’t need that long before you start earning with online poker games, but expecting to win big after a few attempts is unrealistic and too ambitious. It may work out, but just know that most often, it doesn’t.

4. Choose A Reputable Poker Room
A reputable company is essential when choosing to play online poker. There are so many scam casinos out there to steal your money. The same safety precautions you apply when doing online transactions should also apply to choosing a poker room.

My recommendation is that you only use online casinos that have a license (from a trusted gambling licensing body). No matter how juicy the unlicensed casino bonuses are, choose the reputable casino. A good casino will have a responsive customer support team.

5. Avoid Distractions
Online poker requires absolute concentration to be able to take advantage of winning opportunities. It involves skills and strategy, which are best implemented in a distraction-free environment. While playing online poker, avoid multitasking. You need a sharp and active mind to play.

6. Start with a Single Table
One of the biggest attractions of online poker is that you can use multiple tables to play. As enticing as this may seem, it is not a smart move for a beginner. With not enough knowledge about the technical aspects of the game and experience to bank on, multiple tables are usually way above the ability of the beginner.

Once you master on a single table and can boast of significant earnings, you can now move on to playing multiple tables (if you want to).

7. Set A Limit
There is a universal warning that cuts across the gambling industry, it is ‘play responsibly’. Only play poker games with sums that you can afford to lose. Once you start using your savings to play, it is no longer a game but an addiction you have to check.

No matter how confident you are about your winning chances, only risk sums you can genuinely afford to lose. There is always a chance (even if it’s an outside chance) that you may lose your money.

The best way to do this is to set a limit above which you will not use to play poker. Never chase your losses, set a time limit to spend playing, and generally keep yourself healthy.


Online poker is one of the most popular casino games you can play. Before diving into poker as a beginner, learn the rules of the game and master strategies to boost your chances of winning.