Review of the Best 5 Microgaming Fan Sites

With the popularity and reputation that Microgaming enjoys, it’s no surprise that the company is the key topic of many reviews, editorials and forum debates in today’s online gambling community. After all, they have been setting and moving records for over two decades now.

But apart from sites and forums that cover the entire casino industry, one of the key places where you can get information on everything Microgaming are dedicated fan sites in the likes of and similar portals. These sites exclusively focus on casinos, games, and bonuses from this provider only and are aimed at its ever expanding fan base.

If you also belong to that group of people, check out our reviews of the top 5 websites dedicated to this leading game developer to find the best portal for your passion.

This portal is not a “tribune” in the modern sense of the word, but more aims to be the leading resource site for Microgaming casinos, bonuses and jackpots. The site is well designed, mobile friendly, and covers most relevant topics, but it can also get a bit difficult to navigate through or overwhelming to read. In short, the key highlights of this website are:

  • Great coverage on casinos and bonuses;
  • A newsletter alert for when jackpots are about to pop;
  • Jackpot counter and history;

And yet, it’s not a perfect portal. The key flaws found were that it lacks a dedicated search bar, offers only news related to promotions, and that it doesn’t have a game database or demos.

X Microgaming Casinos immediately grabs your attention with its full scope of features offered right from the main page. Design wise, it might not be the smoothest portal around. However, it certainly is a place where you can get almost all the information you need.

Apart from the standard charts and reviews of top bonuses and casinos, this website also comes with the following features:

  • A dedicated blog section to Microgaming products and promotions;
  • A news section with how-to articles and updates from the company;
  • Demos of Microgaming games;
  • Direct download links and QR codes for those who want to get playing fast.

On the other hand, the biggest shortcoming of this website is that its casino and game directory can be a bit limited. Also, there are some parts that are difficult to read due to bad formatting.

Casino Microgaming is an unusual portal in many ways. First of all, it is run and updated by a female gambler. And secondly, it does not follow the typical reviewing style or the design of “traditional” casino portals. This can be either a breath of fresh air or an annoyance, depending on the player, but it certainly is something you don’t see much.

Namely, this is your portal if you are looking for the following:

  • Video reviews of slots and casinos;
  • A smooth and entirely different web design;
  • Interesting, article-style reviews.

However, as refreshing as it is, this portal also has cons that might be a problem to some fans. First of all, is that the writing, although different, can get a bit amateurish with cases of bad English popping up every now and then. Also, the site only covers slots and free spins bonuses and there are no newsletters.

Best Microgaming Casinos is one of the more popular Microgaming fan sites around, with a specific focus on Microgaming casinos and slot games. And although it provides quality information and reviews, it can also get limited in its coverage of the world of Microgaming.

Where this portal excels is by offering:

  • A unique rating system;
  • Country-specific casino ratings;
  • Extensive casino reviews;
  • A great slot review database (including demos).

On the downside, this portal only covers slot games, two bonus types (no deposit and free spins), and there are no articles or newsletters.

Editors Choice
True to its goal to be the most “complete” resource site on all things Microgaming, covers an extensive range of topics related to the game developer. Unlike with many fan sites out there, here you’ll find almost every information you need regarding games, bonuses and casinos, but also other news and articles to fuel your fandom.

What makes this portal truly stand out from the rest are the following highlights:

  • A large database of casinos and operators;
  • A thorough casino review system based on 10 different criteria;
  • Reviews and demos of almost every Microgaming game;
  • Newsletters and in-depth editorials;
  • A direct phone line support.

Finding the cons of this website is a tough job, but if there have to be any we would say that there are no news or insights into the business aspects of the company. Also, the layout, at some points, makes things difficult to read.