Rock N’ Roll Slots Popular with Mobile Gamers

Online gaming has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years as the games have become legal and regulated in jurisdictions across the globe. The proliferation of these games has been aided in large part by the expansion of the use of mobile devices and the advancement in technology that has allowed game developers to provide an enhanced gaming experience to players.

Traditional slots and video poker still draw plenty of attention from the game playing public, and new game concepts continue to be churned out in mass. But online game developers are also looking at different ways to satisfy the needs of customers.

Today’s games are available in many different genres, and online gaming developers have taken a page out of the book of land-based game creators and have begun using popular brands from other industries to form the basis on new games.

Popular television series have been one area of expansion for online gaming companies which have licensed the name of these shows (like the HBO hit series Game of Thrones) to attract players to their games. Online games featuring the popular animated series South Park, and the well-known film Aliens have also made their way into online gaming and mobile casinos.

But perhaps the most successful genre of new game types has been in the field of Rock Music. Titles featuring rock n’ roll icons such as Jimi Hendrix and James Dean can be found at various gaming portals across the internet including the mobile casino at Fruity King which caters to customers in the United Kingdom. Even more niche heavy metal bands like Motorhead have captured the imagination of music fans that also happen to be online gaming fans as well.

In fact, the best new game of the year for 2016 was awarded to NetEnt for its new game featuring the likes of Guns N’ Roses. The award, presented by eGaming Review (EGR), was given out on November 29 as part of the EGR awards and marked the second year in a row that the online game developer has taken home the award.

“It’s an incredible achievement to win Game of the Year for the second successive year and we’re incredibly proud of the achievements of Guns N’ Roses,” said Per Eriksson, CEO of NetEnt, in a recent press release marking the achievement.

“It has been NetEnt’s most ambitious project to date, so we’re delighted that our hard work and endeavours have paid off. We couldn’t’ be happier to top a really strong field,” Eriksson continued.

NetEnt operates in Sweden, Malta, Ukraine, Gibraltar, USA and Poland and launched its first casino in 2002. Since then it has grown steadily, achieving a listing on the Nasdaq OMX stock exchange in 2009 and releasing its first mobile game just two years later in 2011.

Since then, NetEnt has enjoyed tremendous success. The company’s gaming systems have handled tens of billions of gaming transactions, employ more than 700 people around the world and provide online gaming content to over 100 of the most reputable online casino operators in the world.