PSPC Final Table Profile: Ramon Colillas PSPC Final Table Profile: Ramon Colillas
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As one of two Platinum Pass winners to sit at today’s Final Table at the PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship, Spain’s Ramon Colillas was on our radar right from the start. His great run started on Day 3 and he’s been in our spotlight ever since.

The Barcelonian started off quietly enough, chipping up on Day 1 to have a respectable if not breathtaking 145,000 chips at the end of the day. But on Day 2 he kicked things into high gear, growing his stack to well over half a million and finishing the day in the top 10th percentile.

It is fair to say that on Day 3, the cards really started to go his way. At one point he amassed 1.9 million in chips and was the chip leader. Things fluctuated somewhat during the day, but he still finished in a commanding fifth out of 38 remaining.

Going into Day 4, he could have hoped to be his table leader, but the table draw wasn’t kind, putting him opposite the third largest stack of Julien Martini. During the day Colillas held his own, growing his stack to 8.3 million chips and staying fifth in chips.

When the action resumes today at 100,000/200,000 blinds, Colillas is in the middle of the pack of eight. But at 42 big blinds, he has some scope for making some preflop plays and taking some action post flop.

Path to the PSPC

Colillas, 30, studied at the Faculty of Sciences for Physical Activity and Sport and worked as a fitness trainer but, according to the PokerStars profile, he switched to becoming a professional poker player at the age of 24. So he’s no weak spot.

With that said, at least on the tracked live scene, he’s had few successes until now: He has a total of $10,000 in live earnings under his name, with his best score to date a 19th place finish at the Winamax SiSMIX event in Marrakesh in May last year.

However, he probably has a lot of wins under his belt not tracked by the poker databases. He won his Platinum Pass by winning the 2018 Campeonato de España de Poker. The leaderboard awards success at live events held across Spain. That would indicate that Colillas has a lot more experience under his belt that his Hendon Mob profile might suggest.

While Colillas dedicates most of his time away from the tables to studying the game, he also enjoys running, playing padel, and travelling.

Colillas came to The Bahamas with his girlfriend Nesrin, who will be supporting him from the rail today as players take their seats at the Final Table.