More Full Tilt Poker Remission Payments Expected This Month

The official Full Tilt Poker claims administrator, the Garden City Group, has announced that a new round of payments totaling approximately $2.8 million is expected to be issued before the end of March. Approximately 3,500 petitioners are expected to be included in this latest round of payments.

Petitioners that will be paid include those that disputed the amount provided by the GCG. However, only those with a disputed amount of less than $500 are included in this round of payments. Those with larger disputes “are still under review and, if found to be valid, will be paid in upcoming distributions,” according to the GCG website.

As has been the case with previous payments, those players scheduled to receive payment “may notice a zero-dollar transaction in their bank account statement that relates to the Full Tilt Poker Claims Administration” prior to receiving funds from their claim.

The Garden City Group has been charged with the task of returning player balances that were lost when Full Tilt Poker ceased operations following the events of Black Friday. More than $100 million has been returned to former account holders at Full Tilt Poker in the US since authorities began making payments last year.