$400k Allegedly Stolen in High Stakes Scam

A high stakes poker player has been detained on suspicion of involvement in a high stakes online poker scam, stealing at least $400k from players, according to Austrian mainstream media sources.

It has been alleged that a German player, well-known in the high stakes community, gained physical access to victims’ computers and installed a Trojan Horse that would relay hole-card information live, allowing him to cheat fellow players at the tables over a period of weeks for hundreds of thousands of Euros.

According to Austrian national daily newspaper DerStandard, two alleged victims confronted the suspect in his hotel room during Poker EM, a live poker tournament in Baden, Austria. The player admitted his guilt, but later retracted his statement when the police were called, saying he was pressured to confess.

Computers and phones of those involved have been confiscated as an investigation by the Baden Police into internet fraud commences.