Cereus Offices Raided In Costa Rica Cereus Offices Raided In Costa Rica

According to Costa Rican television news Teletica, offices and homes in Escazú, Santa Ana and Rohmoser belonging to IDS were raided. IDS is believed to be the customer services center for the Cereus Poker Network.

During the raids, documents and computers were confiscated.

It was also reported than the Costa Rican police force have orders to apprehend three people in relation to the raid, including Tom Scott, co-founder of Absolute Poker, and Olman Rimola, spokesperson for IDS in Costa Rica. It is believed that homes were also searched during the raid.

It was confirmed by PokerStars’ respresentative Steve Day that one of PokerStars’ offices was also involved in the raid. He later added that “The PokerStars office in Costa Rica is now back open. Employees are already returning to work.”

The news comes after reports earlier in the week than the FBI were searching in Costa Rica for Scott Tom and Brent Beckley, the two Cereus founders named in the 'Black Friday’ indictment.

A Teletica investigation reported that 350 people are employed by IDS have not been paid. They are currently in negotiations with lawyers to come to an agreement on due pay. There is mounting concern that such significant lay-offs could have a large impact in the Costa Rican community.