Dutch Gaming Authority Sets Out Priorities for Targeting Gray Market Operators Dutch Gaming Authority Sets Out Priorities for Targeting Gray Market Operators
Soroll, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License

The Dutch Gaming Authority (DGA) has set out its priorities for targeting gray market operators.

The statement comes a week after fining Mansion Poker €150,000 for the activities of its Casino.com site. It fined Global Stars €150,000 back in September 2013.

The statement published this week points out that the criteria listed are not exclusive—operators who ensure that they are not culpable on any of the issues may still be prosecuted—but they will determine the order in which the DGA tackles offenders.

The three criteria are using dot-NL domain name, using the Dutch language, and targeting the Dutch market with advertising on radio, television or the print media.

Sites meeting the criteria will first be given the opportunity to amend their ways. Should they fail to do so, the DGA will use “administrative enforcement tools.” If that does not work, the DGA will refer the case to the public prosecutor.

Fines that can be levied by the DGA itself can be up to €780k or 10% of turnover in the year preceding the decision.

The DGA also confirmed that it is made agreements with social media sites, including Facebook, to block advertising. It is also preparing a cooperation agreement with financial services providers to block gambling transactions, and is in discussions with TV, radio and print media to end advertising by unlicensed providers.

Operators have previously been warned directly to cease targeting Dutch players directly. Forty operators were warned in 2013 to change their ways and, according to the DGE at the time, half complied.

Operators would do well to heed the DGE’s advice if they want to be in good standing when new online gaming regulation, now not expected until next year, comes into effect.