Nevada Continues to Lead the Way in Online Gaming

Nevada continues to blaze the online gaming trail as the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee convened for just the second time in nearly 30 years on Monday to discuss the future of gambling on the internet. Security in the online gaming environment and potential federal approval of internet gaming were the main topics discussed.

Consumer protection continued to be a focal point of the committee and Governor Sandoval who expressed concern on the tasks of protecting underaged players and preventing players from other states from participating in Nevada’s online gaming program. CEO Jim Ryan addressed the Governor’s concerns indicating that his company has realized a confidence level of 99.8% in their player authentication procedures.

Though Nevada is preparing to proceed with intrastate poker, chairman of the state Gaming Control Board Mark Lipparelli would rather online gaming legislation be passed on a federal level.

As far as when we will see online gaming in Nevada, the state is still at least 30 days away from issuing its first licenses and, according to Lipparelli, it will be at least another six months before we can expect the first online cards to be in the air.

The committee is expected to meet twice more on the subject of online gaming before the end of August.