NJ iGaming Bill to Include International Player Pools

A New Jersey state Senate Committee approved a bill to regulate online gambling on Tuesday, permitting operators to offer online poker and other games to NJ residents.

The bill would also allow New Jersey operators to take bets from customers in other states and even other countries, as long as it is legal in the jurisdiction where the wagerers reside and it does not violate any state or federal laws.

“This is another step forward toward my goal of New Jersey becoming the Silicon Valley of Internet gaming, generating hundreds of millions in revenues for our casino industry, thousands of jobs for Atlantic City, and tens of millions of revenues for our Casino Revenue Fund to help seniors and the disabled,” said Sen. Raymond Lesniak.

According to Joe Brennan Jr., chairman of iMEGA, the committee passed the bill by an 11-0 margin. However, the bill may still have a rough road ahead: The next step for the bill is a vote of the full Senate.

Different political interests in the state seek to advance their own agendas. The horse racing industry is clamoring for a piece of the pie, legal questions have been raised and Governor Chris Christie vetoed an online gambling bill just last year. But the Governor’s staff has been working closely with State Senator Lesniak in an attempt to craft a bill that is acceptable to Christie.