Z4 Among Nevada Online Poker Operators Needing More Time

Four internet poker operators presented their case for additional time to get their virtual poker rooms up and running at the Nevada Gaming Control Board meeting in Carson City last week.

Boyd Interactive Gaming, Golden Nugget, MGM Resorts Online and little-known Z4Poker are all seeking their second six-month extensions since receiving their interactive gaming licenses.

Nevada law requires that license holders commence operations within six months of being approved. However, extensions have become commonplace in Nevada as regulators look to thoroughly vet the operators, their vendors and their software—and operators continue to assess the market opportunity.

The Nevada Gaming Commission will make the final determination on the extension requests when it meets on October 24.

The Grand Siena has partnered with Z4Poker to provide its online gaming system. The Reno hotel and casino last week applied as an operator for an interactive gaming license.

Also in last week’s meeting, Ditronics Financial Services applied as a service provider to supply cash access and wagering instrument services.